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Tour of Montreal

Stage 2

Rigaud Circuit  117.8km

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Race Writeup

Olivia Gollan (Nobili) of Australia won the second stage of the Tour cycliste du Grand Montréal in Rigaud at the end of a 3 hour, 12 minute and 1 second race, coming in scarcely 2 seconds ahead of 14 breakaway racers who rode alongside her in the last 25 kilometres. 

Two Germans, Judith Arndt (T-Mobile) and Trixi Worrack (Nurnberger Versicherung) came in second and third, respectively, at the end of the 117.8 km race, fought on a road circuit that favoured breakaways in the last 30 kilometres. 

American Christine Thorburn, coming in ninth, also 2 seconds behind the winner, keeps the yellow jersey as individual ranking leader in the Tour cycliste du Grand Montréal. Thanks to bonus points accumulated during the intermediary and finishing sprints, Trixi Worrack moved up two spots, from fourth to second position in cumulative ranking. American Kristin Armstrong (Lipton) remains in third place, having finished fourteenth in the stage, but with the same time as the breakaway racers.

A breakaway by Élodie Touffet (Nobili) of France in the third lap really made hostility break out in the pack. Eventually accompanied by Xiangyin Ruan (Giant), they widened the gap to 50 seconds. However, Touffet was not truly a threat given that her performance in the Lachine time trial put her 1 minute, 23 seconds behind. The yellow jersey team, Webcor-Platinum, and Lipton, ranking second and third, joined efforts to catch up to the breakaway racers, doing so in the second to last loop of the race. Briefly pulling away from the pack, Canadian Erinne Willock, Thorburn’s teammate, did not get more than a 20 second lead for a short time. It is on a counterattack that the good breakaway group formed with 15 racers, all favourites. The group finished at the same time, all except for Olivia Gollan, pulling ahead over one kilometre from the finish line to win the stage.  

Olivia Gollan holds the point ranking jersey, only one point ahead of Trixi Worrack and two points ahead of Judith Arndt. Worrack earned the best sprinter jersey, seven points ahead of Gollan and nine points ahead of Rochelle Gilmore (Colorado Premier Training). A first and second position in the mountain sprint won Annette Beutler (Elk Haus) the best climber jersey.  

The road circuit’s design favoured gaps in the pack and many team ranking changes occurred. Team Lipton and Webcor-Platinum are still in first and second position, respectively. However, Victor Brewing fell to sixth place, while T-Mobile moved up one spot to third place.  

The Tour du Grand Montréal continues Wednesday with the third stage, a 50 km criterium race in Montreal’s Little Italy district, starting at 7:15 p.m.  


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Results - Top 10 - click here to see full result

Position Surname / Name Team Team Code Time Gap Bonus

Q = Best Quebcer competition

1 GOLLAN,Olivia Nobili Rubinetterie Menikini Cogeas NMC 03:12:01 10  
2 ARNDT,Judith T-Mobile TMP 03:12:03 00:02 06  
3 WORRACK,Trixi Nurnberger Versicherung NUR 03:12:03 00:02 11  
4 BEUTLER,Annette Elk Haus No (EHN) EHN 03:12:03 00:02    
5 PITEL,Edwige Equipe mixte Les Pruneaux d'agen- Bianchi Aliverti Kookai PBA 03:12:03 00:02    
6 SAMPLONIUS,Anne Biovail BIO 03:12:03 00:02   Q
7 LE HENAFF,Alexandra Equipe mixte Les Pruneaux d'agen- Bianchi Aliverti Kookai PBA 03:12:03 00:02    
8 SEEHAFER,Kori Lipton LIP 03:12:03 00:02    
9 THORBURN,Christine Webcor-Platinum WEB 03:12:03 00:02 01  
10 WOOD,Oenone Nurnberger Versicherung NUR 03:12:03 00:02    

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General Classification Top 10 - click here to see full GC

Position Surname / Name Team Team code Time Gap

Q = best Quebecer competition

1 THORBURN,Christine Webcor-Platinum WEB 03:26.51  
2 WORRACK,Trixi Nurnberger Versicherung NUR 03:26.59 0:08  
3 SEEHAFER,Kori Lipton LIP 03:27.01 0:10  
4 ARMSTRONG,Kristin Lipton LIP 03:27.03 0:12  
5 ARNDT,Judith T-Mobile TMP 03:27.12 0:21  
6 HEAL,Rachel Victory Brewing VIC 03:27.16 0:25  
7 WRUBLESKI,Alex Équipe du Canada CAN 03:27.20 0:29  
8 PITEL,Edwige Equipe mixte Les Pruneaux d'agen- Bianchi Aliverti Kookai PBA 03:27.20 0:29  
9 SAMPLONIUS,Anne Biovail BIO 03:27.23 0:32 Q
10 BRUCKNER BALDWIN,Kimberly T-Mobile TMP 03:27.24 0:33  


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Photos   Click on any image to enlarge >>

0971-Swing Time 1037-Bates 1045-Franges 1083-Liebig 1088-Fleury
1181-Gollan 1201-Beutler-Schwager 1261-Gain 1275-Hecht 1359-Carroll
1504-Pirola 1517-Gollan 1521-Wood 1603-Gollan-Walter Zini IMG_1344


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