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Jayco Greater Dandenong Criterium

December 18th  2005

Jenny MacPherson dominant

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All events at the Jayco Greater Dandenong Criterium were run in support of the Amy Gillett Foundation. The Foundation was given a boost by CycleSport Victoria, which donated all the race entry fees from the women’s event. An unfortunate clash with the Victorian Senior Track Championships undoubtedly caused a reduction in rider numbers, although some riders not involved in later track races actually competed in both events. Peta Mullins was a notable example – she took silver in the points race this morning and second place in the criterium this afternoon. There was also an international flavour to the field with entrants from Canada and Malta lining up for the start. 

Jenny MacPherson (VIS) was eager to show a return to form after some lacklustre recent performances. She went off the front of the race as soon as they rolled away and there was clear daylight between her and the bunch after two laps covered.  

Within three laps MacPherson had stretched out her lead to 20 seconds with the bunch seemingly reluctant to close the gap. The chasing bunch seemed to be rallying for position but no single rider was prepared to go out and chase. MacPherson’s VIS team-mate, Peta Mullens was in the bunch and she played a strategic move by slowing the pace at the front as they approached lap 7 enabling MacPherson’s lead to stretch out to 30 seconds.

Maryam Rogers, (Kathy Watt Training) attempted to spur the bunch and lead out the chase but she was closely marked by Deborah (Fagg Albury-Wodonga CC). Mullens was content to sit on the back and let the rest of the bunch do the work.  

It looked like MacPherson was setting herself the challenge of lapping the entire field, her pace was considerably higher than the bunch. Had the race been run over the scheduled 45 minutes, instead of the modified 30 minutes, she may have achieved contact with the bunch. There was no apparent urgency in the chasing bunch, they looked like they were happy to let MacPherson continue to build her advantage. On the finishing straight for completion of lap 10, MacPherson had cleared the top corner before the chasing bunch appeared on the entry corner to the straight. 

Kerryn Charman and Stephania Magri tried to get the group to chase as they crossed the start finish line, closely followed by Rogers and Alena Radomsky from Canada, but it was too late and MacPherson’s gap too large to change anything. Another attempt was made when they crossed the line for the 11 lap; Angela Wade, Melton Cycling Club picked up the pace and the bunch was strung out in a line. The effort was not sustained after the corner, where the circuit climbed a short, but vicious slope. 

With 5 laps to go Peta Mullens broke away from the bunch and managed to  gain a 20 second gap. This was a brave move considering she must have had tired legs, having competed and secured silver medal in the Victorian Track Championships points race earlier in the day.

With two laps to go MacPherson rounded the bend into the finishing straight just as the bunch crossed the start / finish line, she was now very close to lapping them. The overseas riders Magri and Radomsky made one last attempt to drive the bunch forward to avoid the catch. 

As the bunch took the bell, MacPherson was dangerously (for them) close to lapping the entire field. The lead car hovered ominously just behind the rear of the bunch as it accompanied MacPherson to the line for the win. The race was dominated by MacPherson, who  finished 1 minute ahead of  Peta Mullens. A close sprint saw Maryam Rogers taking third place half a wheel over the rest of the bunch 1 minute 20 seconds behind MacPherson.


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1          Jenny MacPherson     VIS

2          Peta Mullens              VIS                                           @ 1 minute

3          Maryam Rogers          Kathy Watt Training                   @ 1 minute 20 seconds

4          Deborah Fagg            Albury-Wodonga CC                               same

5          Gemma Goyne         Bike Now                                                same 



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