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Kate Bates - the final race victory

Bates sprints to victory in Melbourne's Docklands, Mactier takes the series


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The final race in the Jayco Bay Series put the cap on a wonderful week of racing. Once again, the weather was sunny and hot. There was a light tailwind along the finishing straight of the 1km "hot dog" circuit.

The race started fast and as has been the case all Series this year, there was not really any significant move until after the first intermediate sprint. In an early move, newly crowned Australian criterium Champion, Alexis Rhodes, made a move. She was quickly brought back to the bunch. Kate Bates also made an attack; she jumped away on the back straight and her move was quickly marked by Jenny Macpherson - team-mate to the Series Leader, Katie Mactier. The move lasted a couple of laps and was then brought back. Soon afterwards, Kate Nichols took a quick peek over her shoulder and tried to go on her own. 

Nichols managed to open up quite a gap and looked like she might stay away for the win, until a small chasing group consisting of Jessie Maclean (Canberra), Emma Rickards (Jayco VIS) and Jo Kiesonowski (Pitcher Partners) went out to bring her back. It was a day of move after tactical move and as soon as Nichols was returned to the bunch, Amanda Spratt accelerated away from the bunch. 

Spratt's move was a brave one. She quickly gained a lead of 10 seconds, but was chased down by another 3 person chase group - Jenny Macpherson (Jayco VIS), Hayley Brown (Pitcher Partners) and a policing attempt by Sally Cowman, one of Spratt's team-mates from Werribee Mansion Hotel / NSWIS. Inevitably, Spratt was brought back to the bunch.

The final corner saw Kate Bates in a good position and as the accelerating pack moved into the final few hundred metres of the race, the she was ahead. A glance over her shoulder with 100m to convinced Bates that she was almost home and dry. She put in a sprint to maintain her first place and although Oenone Wood and Kate Nichols, along with Katie Mactier and Belinda Goss were fighting to catch her, none of them was quick enough. Oenone Wood, who has won at Docklands for the past 2 years was second and Kate Nichols, third. Mactier was fourth and that sealed her Series win. Kate Nichols took the series-long award for 


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1   Kate Bates      (Pitcher Partners)                          12 points

2   Oenone Wood  (Mercure Hotel Welcome)             10 points

3   Kate Nichols                                                         8 points

5   Katie Mactier   (Jayco VIS)                                     7 points



Series winner - Katie Mactier

Sprints winner - Jo Kiesonowski


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