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Stage 5

Oirschot 123.6km


Race Writeup

After some attempts by others, a race defining breakaway went away at about half distance. Vera Carrara (Italy), Elodie Toufet (Nobili) and Sara Düster (Univega) went away and didn't look back. They gained over 2 minutes at one point in their break, but the bunch, driven by Buitenpoort-Flexpoint brought them back to an advantage of only 29 seconds by the finish.

Race leader after the Team Time Trial (Stage 4B), Susanne Ljungskog (Buitenpoort-Flexpoint) was well looked-after by her team-mates, anxious to protect the 46 second advantage she had over Suzanne de Goede (AA Drink) and Trixi Worrack (Nürnberger). Whilst it did the team no harm that the three away were no threat on GC, they chased the break for the final 25km, brining the time gap down by over 1 1/2 minutes in that closing distance.

The course took the riders through the town of Oirschot for three closing laps, so the leading riders got a look at the finish line. The line was positioned on a relatively tight left hand bend. As the three leaders sprinted, Vera Carrara (Italy) led them in, she was tight up against the right side barrier, preventing either of the others coming around her from that side. Not that she needed to worry, Toufet and Düster were easily beaten by the track World Champion.

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Results - Top 10 - click here to see full result

Position Surname Name Team Time / Gap
1 CARRARA  Vera ITA 3h06'32"
2 TOUFFET  Elodie NMC 00"
3 DÜSTER  Sarah UPT 00"
4 BRONZINI  Giorgia ITA 29"
5 HENNES  Tanja BFL 29"
6 BRODTKA  Angela GER 29"
7 VISSER  Adrie AAD 29"
8 VOS  Marianne RE1 29"
9 LJUNGSKOG  Susanne BFL 29"
10 ANDREASEN  Mette ALI 29"


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General Classification Top 10 - click here to see full GC

Position Surname Name Team Time / Gap
1 LJUNGSKOG  Susanne BFL 15h04'17"
3 VILLUMSEN  Linda BFL 10"
4 SANDIG  Madeleine BFL 23"
5 DE GOEDE  Suzanne AAD 46"
6 WILD  Kirsten AAD 48"
7 VISSER  Adrie AAD 50"
8 WORRACK  Trixi NUR 53"
9 BRONZINI  Giorgia ITA 1'20"
10 HENNES  Tanja BFL 1'24"


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