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Holland Ladies Tour



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Stage 4B

Roden, Team Time Trial, 22km


Race Writeup

Buitenpoort-Flexpoint started as favourites and they did not disappoint. The Dutch team beat Equipe Nurnberger into second place by 42.69 seconds. Third went to AA Drink, 44 seconds down on Buitenpoort.

Rainy conditions returned to the Holland Ladies Tour on Thursday evening. The rain got heavier as the later teams started and continued throughout their rides. The evening was gloomy, but warmer than some days have been on this wet Tour so far.

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Results - Top 3 teams - click here to see full result

Position / Team Time (Where finished separate to team) Team Time  Team Gap km/h
1  BUITENPOORT-FLEXPOINT TM 1 27:01.7 48.836
1 Hennes, Tanja 28:21.0
2 Gunnewijk, Loes
3 Beutler, Annette 28:21.0
4 Ljungskog, Susanne
5 Sandig, Madeleine
6 Villumsen, Linda
2  NüRNBERGER VERSICHERUNG 8 27:44.4 42.69 47.584
43 Bates, Katherine 27:50.0
44 Häusler, Claudia 33:17.0
45 Schleicher, Regina 33:17.0
46 Lutz, Eva
47 Wood, Oenone
48 Worrack, Trixi
3  AA-DRINK CYCLING TEAM 2 27:46.4 44.67 47.527
7 Wild, Kirsten
8 Knetemann, Roxane 30:21.0
9 Binnendijk, Marlijn 29:51.0
10 de Goede, Suzanne
11 Visser, Adrie
12 Groenveld, Josephine 28:11.0


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General Classification Top 10 - click here to see full GC

Position Surname Name Team Time / Gap
1 LJUNGSKOG  Susanne BFL 11h57'16"
2 VILLUMSEN  Linda BFL 05"
4 SANDIG  Madeleine BFL 18"
5 DE GOEDE  Suzanne AAD 46"
6 WORRACK  Trixi NUR 48"
7 VISSER  Adrie AAD 50"
8 WILD  Kirsten AAD 50"
9 BRONZINI  Giorgia ITA 1'20"
10 HENNES  Tanja BFL 1'24"


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