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Giro del Trentino


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3 stages, Thursday 15th June - Saturday 17th June 2006


Race Details

The 13th Giro del Trentino starts on Thursday 15th June 2006. Organised by the Polisportiva Faedo Grumo, the race patron is Audenzio Teingo, The 2006 event has attracted the attention of some leading women in the pro peleton and has a truly international line-up. Defending Champion is Svetlana Boubnenkova (Fenixs Colnago), whilst World Champion, Regina Schleicher (Équipe Nürnberger) also lines up. The strong, all-rounder, Welshwoman Nicole Cooke (Univega Pro Cycling), Edita Puckinskaite (Nobili Rubinetterie) and Nicole Brändli (Team Bigla) (winner of the 2005 Giro Donne) are also entered. Italian interest in the race comes from the Safi Pasta Manhattan team-mates - National Champion, Silvia Parrietti and 2003 Trentino winner, Luisa Tamanini.

Amongst the younger riders, Italians entered are : Giorgia Bronzini, winner of a stage in 2005, (Team FRW) and European U23 Champion, Gessica Turato (Chirio Forno d’Asolo) and Monia Baccaille (Saccarelli Emu Marsciano).

The full start list comprises 119 riders from 16 teams. 


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Stage Details

Stage 1 takes place on Thursday 15th June, from Dro to Drena, with riders facing the climb of Vigo Cavedine twice (2nd Category climb) in the 85km. They will climb it once 12 km from the start and again 30km from the finish. The riders will be introduced in the Piazza della Repubblica in Dro from 12noon. The stage starts at 2pm.

Stage 2 on Friday 16th June makes its from Riva del Garda to Fai della Raganella, heading towards the centre of the Trentino. There are three climbs on this stage : the Passo del Ballino (2nd category -  760 metres ) just 13km into the stage, then the Molveno (another  2nd category climb – 684 metres ) and at 45km from the start. Finally there is the Andalo (1st category – 1044 metres ) and just 26km from the stage finish. The stage rolls out at 2pm.

Stage 3 takes place on Saturday 17th June at 2pm. From Tassullo to Ruffrè del Mendola, the length is 87km of tough action. There are three second category climbs and one first category climb on this final stage: Vigo di Ten (2nd category – 482 metres ), Magrè Melinda (2nd category – 600 metres ), Tenno (2nd category – 630 metres ) and the Ruffrè (1st category – 1250 metres ).


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Teams / Leading riders

FENIXS COLNAGO (Boubnenkova, Slyoussareva, Lechner)

EQUIPE NÜRNBERGER (Schleicher, Liebig, Hausler, Worrack)

UNIVEGA (Cooke, Doppman, Thurig)

NOBILI Rubinetterie MENIKINI COGEAS (Pucinskaite, Vilajosana)

BIGLA (Brändli, Zabirova, Cantele, Graus)

TEAM FRW (Bronzini, Vzesniauskaite)

SAFI PASTA ZARA MANHATTAN (Parietti, Tamanini, Ziliute, Zugno)

SACCARELLI EMU (Baccaille, D’Ettorre)

CHIRIO FORNO D’ASOLO (Turato, Stiaykina)


ELK AUS (Beutler, Wieser)

GERMAN National (Fischer, Stumpf)

LITHUANIA National (Tuslaite)

AUSTRIA National( Pintarelli, Schatte)



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Previous Winners

2005 Svetlana Bubnenkova (Pmb Fenix)

2004 Tina Liebig (Equipe Nürnberger)

2003 Luisa Tamanini (Team 2002 Aurora)

2002 Fabiana Luperini (Edil Savino Anusca)

2001  Fabiana Luperini (Edil Savino Anusca)

2000 Pia Sundsted (Sport Team Gas)

1999  Fabiana Luperini (Sport Team Gas)

1998  Monica Bandini (Edil Savino)

1997 Pia Sundsted (Sanson)

1996 Fabiana Luperini (Sanson)

1995 Fabiana Luperini (Sanson)

1994 Imelda Chiappa (AS Merate)


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