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Stage 3

Aachen (Germany) 115.7km


Race Writeup

Three countries in one stage for Stage 3  today. The implication for the riders? Racing as normal...  For the organisers, a logistical headache. Preceding the race and each of the bunches were police officers from three countries; Belgium, Germany and the Netherlands. The lead changed at the front of their 'bunch' as frequently as for the competitors.

The day was grim, first rain, then mist, then more rain. 

The American team were obvious at the front of the bunch in the early part of the stage. Once the bunch had split into two groups, leader, Armstrong and team-mates were safely in the front bunch. Buitenpoort-Flexpoint were active throughout the stage, Suzanne van Veen led the race through the first mountains sprint point, whilst Sandra Rombouts tried an attack on the road to Roetgen.

At the end of the day, it was Sandra Missbach who managed to get away and stay away, to win by 27 seconds. She had a larger gap, but was chased down by the bunch and also took time to celebrate down the long finishing straight.

A crash in the final kilometre did not affect race leader, Kristin Armstrong (USA), who finished seventh, but An van Rie (Lotto Belisol), the mountains leader, Sofie Goor (Vlaanderen), Natalie Bates (AA Drink), Tanja Slater (FBUK) were all awarded the same time as the bunch.

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Results - Top 10 - click here to see full result

115km @ 36.643km/h

Position Surname Name Team Time / Gap
1 MISSBACH  Sandra AAD 3h09'27"
4 BATES  Katherine MX3 27"
5 VAN ALEBEEK  Sissy RTW 27"
6 MANSVELD  Debby VLL 27"
7 ARMSTRONG  Kristin USA 27"
8 LINDBERG  Marie SWE 27"
9 WERNER  Laure VLL 27"
10 BRUINS  Regina RTW 27"


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General Classification Top 10 - click here to see full GC

Position Surname Name Team Time / Gap
1 ARMSTRONG  Kristin USA 6h06'14"
3 BATES  Nathalie AAD 36"
5 BATES  Katherine MX3 38"
6 ROMBOUTS  Sandra BFL 43"
7 VAN RIE  An LBL 1'08"
8 KELLER  Luise BFL 1'21"
9 SLATER  Tanja MX2 1'26"
10 PIETERS  Cindy VLL 1'30"


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IMG_3075 IMG_3079 IMG_3090 IMG_3094 IMG_3106
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