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Chicago Cyclo Cross Cup Racing Series



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Race 1

Carpenter Park, Carpentersville, Illinois, Sunday, October 15, 2006


Race Writeup

At race time, the weather was partly cloudy, with no wind and a temperature of mid 40 Fahrenheit. 

The Carpenter Park course is flat, non-technical, with a small hill run up and a creek crossing; a perfect venue for the beginner to advance racer.  

In the last few weeks, the series added two additional sponsors.  Local bike shop, Yojimbo’s Garage of Chicago donated three 2007 Fuji cyclocross framesets for raffle prizes.  Each racer is be given one entry into the raffle for every race entered.   Racers have multiple opportunities to win the frame set.  

Alpha Q has signed on as series sponsor for the Men’s Cat 3 and Women’s Cat 1/2/3 races.  Winners of the overall series in these categories will be awarded an Alpha Q CX20 cyclocross.


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Category 1-2-3
1.  Holly Klug, Killjoy
2.  Corie Berrigan, ABD
3.  Christine Raymo. SRAM
4.  Kris Over, Kenda
5.  Emily McDonald, xXx Racing AthletiCo
6.  Jessica Prinner, ABD

Category 4
1.   Wendy Gadden, Colavita
2.   Debbie Piclet, Albertos
3.   Lindsay Jones, Unattached
4.   Dawn Haskell, University of Chicago Velo Club
5.   Megan Myrick, University of Chicago Velo Club
6.   Jennifer Greenberg, Unattached
7.   Anne Barnes, Turin
8.   Amy Dykema, Team Mack
9.   Imelda March, xXx Racing AthletiCo
10. Gina Kenny, ABD


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