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Chicago Cyclo Cross Cup Racing Series



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2006 Series



The Chicago Cyclocross Racing series starts Sunday, October 15 and runs through Sunday, December 3. The first race of the series of will be presented by North Branch Cycling Club of Chicago, Illinois and sponsored by Main Street Bicycles of Carpentersville, Illinois. The race will be held at Carpenter Park in Carpentersville, Illinois. This race is the first of four races in the Chicago Cyclocross Cup series.

Cyclocross is an autumn-time form of cyclesport that resembles a steeplechase where racers on cyclocross bikes traverse a park-like course with hills, turf, pavement, dirt trails, creek crossings and low wooden barricades. Riders must dismount their bicycles and jump over barricades, experienced racers more gracefully than others. Races are timed events lasting from 30 minutes to 1 hour depending on ability. Weather conditions vary significantly from sun to rain to snow. Cyclocross is a great way to maintain fitness into the winter. (Click here for an introduction to Cyclo cross, which was written by Alex Burgess, PR manager for the Velo Bella team.)

Points will be awarded for each race with the winner of each category receiving an Overall Series Winner jersey presented by Pactimo.

All races in this series will use the new USA Cycling cyclocross racing category classification. A rider will be classified from 1 to 4 respectably


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Race Dates

The races that will be held are:

· Sunday, October 15 - Carpenter Park, Carpentersville
· Saturday, November 4 - Campton Cross, St. Charles
· Sunday, November 12 - Jackson Park, Chicago
· Sunday, December 3 - Montrose Park, Chicago

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About Chicago Cyclocross Cup

The Chicago Cyclocross Cup was started in 2004 by a group of ‘crossers from local teams that had a strong desire to race in their neighbourhood.  They spoke to other people who had similar goals and before you knew it a series was born. While the series will vary from year to year, you can expect great new venues with spectacular support and all the fun that you expect at a ‘cross race. The goal of the group is to create a series that a rider can enjoy great competition and lively courses



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