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Tour de l'Aude

Stage 8

Arques - Rennes Les Bains - 99km

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Race Writeup

An early break, which went away on the 'sticky' uphill section before the Col du Paradis really began to bite, stayed away until the end of this 99km stage with four 1st category climbs. Svetlana Bubnenkova (Colnago Fenixs) is credited with driving the group onwards, certainly she led up the climbs and was able to retain her blue, mountains leader jersey.

The American support staff were upbeat about Fleury's chances of the stage win as they waited for the finish. Their predictions proved correct, as the small group of survivors sprinted into view over the crest of the slightly steeper uphill section into Rennes les Bains, Fleury was ahead. She managed to stay ahead too - seeing off the last challenges by Jo Kiesanowski (Univega) and Suzanne De Goede. There was no victory salute, just a smile as she crossed the line. The smile was replicated by Lauren Franges and Christina Ruiter, Fluery's team-mates, as they crossed the line, having been told that the USA had taken the stage win.....

Suzanne De Goede found herself in the break, which she did not expect to stay away. She was expecting to work for team-mate Theresa Senff, the AA Drink team's favoured rider for the general classification competition. However, as the race developed, she found herself in the position of race leader on the road. De Geode was pleased with the yellow, race leader's jersey. But, like Priska Doppmann yesterday, was realistic about her chances of keeping it with more mountain stages to come.

French interest in the race was reignited by the ride of Maryline Salvetat, who fought her back into the leading group after losing contact on the final climb. She finished just behind Fleury and the sprinters, in sixth place, 8 seconds down. She is now in third place overall, 33 seconds behind Suzanne De Goede.


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Results - Top 10 - click here to see full result

Position Surname Name Team E = U23 Time / Gap Bonus
1 FLEURY Grace USA 2h 54' 50" 10”
3 DE GOEDE Suzanne AAD E same
4 BUBNENKOVA Svetlana FEN same
5 LUTZ Eva NUR same
6 SALVETAT Maryline FRA 0’ 8”
7 PUCINSKAITE Edita NMC 0’ 52”
8 SANDIG Madeleine BFL E 3’ 11”
9 HAUSLER Claudia NUR E same
10 SENFF Thιresa AAD same

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General Classification Top 10 - click here to see full GC

Posn Surname Name Team E = U23 Time / Gap
1 DE GOEDE Suzanne AAD E 17h 48' 04"
2 SANDIG Madeleine BFL E 00’ 22”
3 SALVETAT Maryline FRA 00’ 33”
4 DOPPMANN Priska UPT 00’ 36”
5 PUCINSKAITE Edita NMC 00’ 59”
6 NEBEN Amber BFL 01’ 33”
7 WORRACK Trixi NUR 01’ 42”
8 LJUNGSKOG Susanne BFL 01’ 50”
9 ARNDT Judith TMP 02’ 02”
10 BUBNENKOVA Svetlana FEN 02’ 26”


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