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Tour de l'Aude

Stage 10

Limoux-Limoux, 114.5km

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Race Writeup

The final stage of the 2006 Tour de l'Aude was not an easy one. The race map didn't even categorise the first, testing climb of the day, a sticky 6km within the first 20km. The riders will remember it, though, the Buitenpoort-Flexpoint pair, Amber Neben, the race leader and Susanne Ljungskog strung the bunch out with their driving of the pace at the front.

The break of the day, though, came from Ina-Yoko Teutenberg (T-Mobile) and Adrie Visser (AA Drink). This was Teutenberg's second two-person break of the Tour and the second to stay away. The pair drove to an advantage of 2 minutes 01 seconds at the foot of the Col de St Benoit. They gained a maximum of over 5 minutes towards the end of the stage, but were brought back to 3 minutes 45 seconds by the end.

As the pair came into view on the wide finishing straight in the town of Limoux, Teutenberg was ahead of Visser. They accelerated down the slight downwards slope towards the line and it became clear that Teutenberg would take the stage quite easily. She glanced over her shoulder, would have seen Visser without the legs to challenge her and sat up to roll across the line with a two-handed victory salute.

The bunch sprint took up the width of the road, Jo Kiesanowski (Univega) managed to hold off Judith Arndt (T-Mobile), Trixi Worrack (Nόrnberger) was next, then points jersey winner, Priska Doppmann. Yellow jersey, Amber Neben (Buitenpoort-Flexpoint) finished safely in the bunch and took a consecutive win overall in this 10 day stage race.


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Results - Top 10 - click here to see full result

Position Surname Name Team E= U23 Time / Gap Bonus
1 TEUTENBERG Ina TMP 3h 14' 50" 10"
2 VISSER Adrie AAD E same 6"
3 KIESANOWSKI Joanne UPT 03'45" 4"
4 ARNDT Judith TMP same
5 WORRACK Trixi NUR same
6 DOPPMANN Priska UPT same
7 DE GOEDE Suzanne AAD E same
8 WOOD Oenone NUR same
9 WERNER Laure BEL same
10 SULLIVAN Candice AUS E same

Jersey winners :

Points        Priska Doppmann (Univega)

Sprints       Chantal Beltman (Netherlands)

Mountains  Svetlana Bubnenkova (Colnago Fenixs)

Young rider Madeleine Sandig (Buitenpoort-Flexpoint)



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General Classification Top 10 - click here to see full GC

Position Surname Name Team E = U23 Time / Gap
1 NEBEN Amber BFL 24h 25' 40"
2 LJUNGSKOG Susanne BFL 00’ 14”
3 WORRACK Trixi NUR 01’ 25”
4 DOPPMANN Priska UPT 02’ 13”
5 PUCINSKAITE Edita NMC 02’ 36”
6 SANDIG Madeleine BFL E 03’ 47”
7 ARNDT Judith TMP 04’ 29”
8 HAUSLER Claudia NUR E 04’ 59”
9 BUBNENKOVA Svetlana FEN 05’ 50”
10 SALVETAT Maryline FRA 09’ 47”


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