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2006 Grand Prix Tour

Women at Surfers Paradise

Final Event in the Series won by Sara Carrigan


T he elite women tested the course for the very first time at Surfers Paradise and Athens Olympic gold medallist Sara Carrigan made a welcome return to racing taking out the women’s race.

Carrigan was a reluctant starter in today’s event not feeling confident after just returning to training two weeks ago following 7 months off the bike.

I really needed to take that time away from cycling to reassess my future in the sport,” said Carrigan after the race.

I’ve found my passion for it again and no matter what shape I’m in when I strap on that number I give it my all and leave nothing out there.”

Emma Mackie was the first to make a solid break from the field and expended a lot of energy early on.

On the final lap Carrigan lead them back into the straight with Mackie locking up her wheels Nikki Egyed and Bridget Evans had their hands full just staying upright and could only sprint for the minor medals as they watched Carrigan cruise to victory.

Lorian Graham took another giant leap back into professional racing today finishing sixth.





Sara Carrigan


Bridget Evans


Emma Mackie


Nikki Egyed


Jessy Byrnes


Lorian Graham

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