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2006 SCNCA Womenís Cycling Challenge Kicks off in San Diego

Women's Cycling Challenge Website

The 2006 Womenís Cycling Cat 3-4 Challenge kicked off last weekend in San Diego at the Barrio Logan Grand Prix Elite State Criterium Championships and the San Luis Rey Road Race.  It is sure to be an exciting season as this 15 race series travels throughout Southern California during the summer of 2006 designed in cooperation with the SCNCA to provide newer racers with the skills necessary to race smartly and safely while rewarding them for their participation.  The long term goal of the WCC is to increase racing opportunities for Beginning, Elite, Masters, and Junior women by creating awareness of the series to women, cycling clubs and race promoters. 


The mission of the Womenís Cycling Challenge is to encourage more female cyclists to participate in racing events and welcome beginner cyclists into the sport.  To ensure safety of riders of all levels by funding skills/etiquette programs specifically designed for the needs of women racers.  To make it possible for racers to challenge themselves at their highest skill and fitness level and gain the confidence to perform at an even higher level.  To encourage women to finish each race via a points system that will recognize their efforts. 

MENTOR PROGRAM:  Novice women need help to race safely, have fun, become accomplished racers, and continue in the sport.  By offering a grassroots program we hope to increase the numbers of racers as well as offer some instruction to the category as a whole.  Mission:  Putting a mentor in as many Category 4/beginning womenís races as possible.  The job of this mentor will be to keep the peloton safe while offering instruction and encouragement to the women racers. 

CLINICS:  Throughout the summer, Riding and Racing Clinics will be given at select events and bike shops throughout the region educating women from bike mechanics to race tactics and bike handling skills and forming group rides.   We will encourage each race clubís womenís elite team to participate in hosting the race clinic and will promote these clinics through print advertising, radio, at races, spin classes, 5K runs, triathlons, bike shops and website advertising.



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