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Bathurst Cycling Club (Bcc) Women's Tour

By Mark Windsor

Eustace too strong for local challenger 

Vicki Eustace shares stage honours with Toireasa Gallagher


Write-up Day 1 (Saturday)

The overnight snow cleared for Day 1 of the Bcc Women Tour in Bathurst today, with some excellent racing in the Stage 1 Time trial, and the second stage criterium, both held on the famous Mt Panorama Motor racing circuit. 

The Tour is round 5 of the Nation Road Series for the women, with series leader Vicki Eustace of Canberra looking on track to extend her lead in the series after winning the 7 km individual time trial.

However local star Toireasa Gallagher continued her great recent form on the Mt Panorama circuits when she scored a great solo victory in the afternoon criterium stage to take the lead in General Classification by 43seconds going into tomorrows road stage up Caloola Mountain.

Noted climbers Tiff Cromwell (South Australia) and AIS Rider Amanda Spratt are in striking range of Gallagher and Eustace going into Sunday's final stage. Cromwellís aggressive ride behind Gallagher in the criterium earning her 21sec on the peloton, and suggesting she is in form for her campaign at this years Junior World Championships. While Spratt didnít look to be suffering any ill effect from her quick trip home from the European cycling scene for the Bathurst Tour taking 3rd in the Time Trial.

Day 2 (Sunday)

Vicki Eustace of Canberra showed the form that has taken her to the top of the National Road Series in the final stage of the Bcc Women Tour in Bathurst today. Eustace attacked on the 5km Caloola Climb and soloed away for a great victory. 

Over night leader Toireasa Gallagher rode a great stage, climbing with AIS Rider Amanda Spratt and the in-form Joanna Sumerville (Lidcombe/Aubin), then working smoothly to bring back Under 19 star Tiff Cromwell (SA) and NSW state rep Kate Charge (Lidcombe/Aubin), to form a 5 rider chase group behind Eustace. Gallagher organising the chase, only needing to keep Eustace in sight to win the Tour.

But Eustace was simply was too strong and 'time trialled' away for a 2minute victory, giving her a deserving win in the 5th round of the Nation Road Series.

The final stage of the B Grade event saw top class Victorian track sprinter, Tabatha Cole show some real road form. Her stage win moving her up to second overall behind Randwick/Botanyís Melanie McDonald who finished second in the final stage, with Bathurstís National medallist Rosemary Hastings third in front of Anna Johnston (Eurobodalla) and Bathurstís Jill Harris. McDonald dominated B Grade with a win in the time trial and two impressive second placing in the other stages. Top masters riders filled the minor placing with Tabatha Cole (Vic) and Sandra Beaumont of Southern Highlands taking second and third overall.

The Bathurst tour marks the middle of the National Road Series for women, with Eustace looking forward to the 5 weeks break till the next round in Canberra. Eustace has established a comfortable lead over Queenslander Josie Loane and now has the luxury of marking the Lifecycle CC rider in her hometown Kowalski ACT tour on the 7th - 9th July.


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Results - Stage 1  Time Trial

1. EUSTACE, Vicki  (Canberra cc) 0:11:46

2. GALLAGHER, Toireasa  (Bathurst cc) 0:11:47

3. SPRATT, Amanda  (Penrith cc) 0:11:50

4. HANLEY, Monique  (Warragual) 0:12:14

5. CHARGE, Kate (Lidcombe Auburn cc) 0:12:16

6. LOVELOCK, Emma  (Sutherland Shire cc) 0:12:19

7. SOMERVILLE, Joanna  (Lidcombe Auburn cc) 0:12:20

8. CROMWELL, Tiffany (Norwood cc) 0:12:24

9. DIPROSE, Belinda (Lidcombe Auburn cc)  0:12:41

10 JOHNSTON, Gail  (Eurobodalla cc) 0:12:45


B Grade

1. McDONALD, Melanie (Randwick/Botany cc). 12:56

2. BEAUMONT, Sandra (Southern Highlands cc) 13:09

3. JOHNSTON, Anna (Eurobodalla cc) 13:14

4. COLE, Tabatha (Blackburn cc) 13:18

5. HARRIS, Jill (Bathurst cc) 13:18

6. PRESTON, Glenda (ADF cc) 13:25

7. MIKA, Bryony (Wagga Wagga cc) 13:31

8. HASTINGS, Rosemary (Bathurst cc) 14:04

9. ERVIN, Christine (Coburg cc) 14:07

10. SIMONS, Raewyn (Bathurst cc) 14:33


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Results - Stage 2  Criterium

1. GALLAGHER, Toireasa  (Bathurst cc)

2. CROMWELL, Tiffany (Norwood cc)          @ 13sec

3. HANLEY, Monique  (Warragual)              @ 37sec

4. EUSTACE, Vicki  (Canberra cc)

5. DIPROSE, Belinda (Lidcombe Auburn cc)


B Grade 

1. PRESTON, Glenda (ADF cc)

2. McDONALD, Melanie (Randwick/Botany cc)

3. BEAUMONT, Sandra (Southern Highlands cc)

4. JOHNSTON, Anna (Eurobodalla cc)

5. HARRIS, Jill (Bathurst cc)


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Results - Stage 3

1. EUSTACE, Vicki  (Canberra cc)

2. CROMWELL, Tiffany (Norwood cc)              @ 2min 04sec

3. SPRATT, Amanda  (Penrith cc)

4. GALLAGHER, Toireasa  (Bathurst cc)

5. CHARGE, Kate (Lidcombe Auburn cc)


B Grade

1. COLE, Tabatha (Blackburn cc)

2. McDONALD, Melanie (Randwick/Botany cc)

3. HASTINGS, Rosemary (Bathurst cc)

4. JOHNSTON, Anna (Eurobodalla cc)

5. HARRIS, Jill (Bathurst cc)


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Results - Overall

1. EUSTACE, Vicki  (Canberra cc)

2. GALLAGHER, Toireasa  (Bathurst cc)     @ 1.28

3. SPRATT, Amanda  (Penrith cc)              @ 2.16

4. CROMWELL, Tiffany (Norwood cc           @ 2.20

5. CHARGE, Kate (Lidcombe Auburn cc)     @ 3.25

6. SOMERVILLE, Joanna  (Lidcombe Auburn cc @ 3.44

7. HANLEY, Monique  (Warragual)                 @ 9.00

8. LOVELOCK, Emma  (Sutherland Shire cc     @ 9.10

9. DIPROSE, Belinda (Lidcombe Auburn cc)     @ 9.30

10. FLETT, Sorcha (Wagga Wagga cc)       @ 13.57


B Grade 

1. McDONALD, Melanie (Randwick/Botany cc)

2. COLE, Tabatha (Blackburn cc)

3. BEAUMONT, Sandra (Southern Highlands cc)

4. JOHNSTON, Anna (Eurobodalla cc)

5. PRESTON, Glenda (ADF cc)

6. HARRIS, Jill (Bathurst cc)

7. HASTINGS, Rosemary (Bathurst cc)

8. MIKA, Bryony (Wagga Wagga cc)

9. ERVIN, Christine (Coburg cc)

10. SIMONS, Raewyn (Bathurst cc)


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