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The Aarons Team Diary 2006

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Tour of Elk Grove

Chicago, Illinois 

All images copyright Aarons Cycling Team, 2006©

It has been a very busy August for the Aaron’s Pro Women’s Cycling team as this past weekend they visited Elk Grove, a suburb of Chicago. The races were the same course both days and were comprised of a 2.3 mile “L” shaped route on the main drag in Elk Grove with two 180 degree turns at either end.  The locals were out in full force, the weather was a very pleasant 80 degrees and the Aaron’s team pulled off another strong set of results for the weekend.

Saturday’s race was full of attacks by the Victory Brewing squad as they had 7 women racing in the field nearly doubling the size of other teams!  Catherine was very active at the front covering a number of attacks.  As the attacks kept coming Mackenzie and Shannon were covering as well.  Mid way Rachel Heal of Victory got a decent gap on the field and Candice stepped in to help bring her back into the mix.  As the race came down to the final lap Catherine was at the front.  As the pack neared the final stretch, Heal caught the pack off guard with a strong attack that opened up a sizeable gap.  As the pack hit the final stretch Shannon was in position for the sprint.  Mackenzie came up to Shannon and let her know that she was on her wheel and so they were off!  Shannon started the sprint early with Mack ready to pounce.  As they came towards the line Mack kicked it in and won the field sprint for second as Heal held on to her gap and scored the win. 

Sunday’s race had several breaks that the Aaron’s team was represented in, with the exception of one that gained a little bit of time until Aaron’s and some other teams put in a solid effort and brought it back.  Midway through the race a prime was offered up that was worth half of what the win was!  This was significant as on Sunday the field was also joined by Australian National Champion and sprinter extraordinaire, Kate Bates.   Kate Bates was clearly going for it and as she came down the final stretch it was Bates with Victory’s Lauren Franges and Shannon on her wheel.  Lauren and Shannon tried to come around her but Bates took the mid race money.  Heading into the final laps the field was all together again as Mackenzie found Catherine’s wheel and Shannon had Candice’s wheel.  Catherine and Mackenzie went to the left hand side of the road as Shannon went right.  Catherine and Mackenzie worked their way up the left hand side as Sarah Uhl jumped and the sprint was on!  Mackenzie came off of Catherine and dug in deep and took 3rd place honours! 



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