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The Aarons Team Diary 2006

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Bank of America Criterium

Charlotte, North Carolina 

All images copyright Aarons Cycling Team, 2006©

This past weekend the Aaron’s Pro Women’s Cycling Team met in Charlotte, NC to race the Bank of America Criterium.  The women had gone home for a very short period following the Altoona Stage race allowing them to get some much needed rest.  The team was excited about the race as they had heard that a number of the Aaron’s employees would be in attendance.  The action started with a brief pre-race media event on Friday that was attended by Shannon, where she had the chance to speak with local TV, news and Aaron’s employees.  Later on in the day Mackenzie, Catherine and Rebecca arrived to the host house while Candice stayed at a friends’ house in nearby Winston-Salem.

Candice met the rest of the team at the course Saturday and the pre race discussions began.  Shortly following the team started their warm-up as more Aaron’s employees stopped by to visit.  The racing action was fast right from the start.  In the first few laps of the race a crash happened that took out Shannon and several other racers.  Luckily the rules allow a free lap until the last 5 laps of the race and Shannon was able to get back into the race.  Right after Shannon rejoined the race a very select group of riders including Aaron’s own Catherine, rolled off the front of the race and stayed out there for 6 laps before being caught by the rest of the field.  


The Aaron’s women were looking incredibly comfortable and were racing well together.  As the race came to within 5 laps to go (no more free laps!) the Aaron’s women found each other so they could stay protected and at the front of the race.  All was looking great until a rider lost control in a corner on the backside of the course and went straight into Candice taking her down and in the process taking Shannon and approximately 10 other racers down as well.  Without the free lap Shannon and Candice were out of the race and the job at hand was left for Catherine, Rebecca and Mackenzie.  All three were placed towards the back of the pack after the crash as Team Lipton was at the front driving the pace.  The Aaron’s women again found each other in the final laps as Catherine worked to bring Rebecca and Mack towards the front for the final sprint.  Candice and Shannon cheered their teammates on trying to encourage them in any way they could.  The pace was high and the time left short, Catherine was just able to drop Rebecca and Mack off in roughly tenth position.  Rebecca took over and pulled Mack up a couple of more spots going into the final stretch where Mack kicked it in and clawed back several more spots to bring the team a top five spot!  Rebecca and Catherine followed with 11th and 13th respectively.




Women Pro (38.69 km/h)


1 Tina Pic (USA) Colavita/Cooking Light                       

2 Laura Van Gilder (USA) Team Lipton                           

3 Gina Grain (Can) Colavita/Cooking Light                      

4 Jen Mccrae (USA) Conex Train                                 

5 Mackenzie Dickey (USA) Aaron's Pro Women's Cycling            

6 Laura Yoisten (Can) Victory Brewing Cycling Team             

7 Anne Samplonius (Can) Biovail                                

8 Sarah Uhl (USA) Home Depot Center-Serotta                    

9 Sarah Caravella (USA) Team Lipton                             

10 Brenda Lyons (USA) Victory Brewing Cycling Team             

11 Rebecca Larson (USA) Aaron's Pro Women's Cycling            

12 Leigh Valletti (USA) Travelgirl Magazine                    

13 Catherine Powers (USA) Aaron's Pro Women's Cycling          

14 Robin Farina (USA) Team Kendra Tire                         

15 Katharine Carroll (USA) Victory Brewing Cycling Team



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