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AIS Women's Team in Italy

Jenny Macpherson - AIS chicks living it up in Italy

June 28 2006 

Jenny Macpherson comes from Melbourne and is riding for the AIS in Italy for the second year. She has just returned to Italy after a short break at home following the 10 day Tour de L'Aude in France. L'Aude was the final race in the first part of the AIS race campaign in Europe this year. Jenny and several others are now awaiting the next part of the AIS season, which begins with the Giro, which starts near Rome on Friday evening (30th June).


"Buon giorno,

First thing I have to say is that it’s bloody warm here! Yep, I’m back in Italy with the AIS women’s cycling team for another stint in the European racing circuit. It’s been about 30-35º every day since arriving on the 22nd June, and it’s been quite a shock to the system (having come from temperatures of 4-15º!)

The team has changed quite a bit since the first trip, so I’ll update you again on the current team. Of the original team, there is Amanda, Candice and myself. Hannah and Alex have stayed at home to recover from a hectic first trip. Sally has gone to ride for an Italian Team (Nobili – Olivia Gollan is also on this team). The new riders are Kate Nichols, Kate Mercer and Josie Loane. For the upcoming Women’s Giro (30th June-9th July) we can start 8 riders, so will also have Natalie Bates and Emma Mackie joining us for some additional Aussie horsepower!

Our other races are on the 15th July, an Italian one day race in Cento, and then to Germany for Thuringen 18th-23rd July. After this most of the team will go back to Australia, except for Candice and myself. We hope to stay in Europe with another team for the remainder of the season, so we will be busy during the next month trying to impress the European Team Managers!

Well besides all this cycling business, we have also been busy enjoying the Italian lifestyle. I went to Milan on the weekend and did the tourist thing for the day. Lucky for me (?) I met a nice Italian boy on the train to Milan, who was more than happy to show me to the center of Milan. He couldn’t speak any English, but since I can now understand a little Italian, it was pretty funny how determined he was to get my phone number, 3 times I had to tell him no! Once we got to the Duomo (3rd largest Church in the world), it was time to ditch the Italian (now that I knew where I was), so I politely told him “ it was nice to meet u and Arriveiderci”!

Milan is a very bella city, as you can see from my photos. The shopping was pretty awesome and I was determined to go home with a few bags. Ok, so I only bought 2 singlet tops- but I couldn’t resist, it was just so I could say ‘I bought this in Milan!’

Last night, we went into Varese to watch the Socceroo’s vs. the Azzurri’s {the traditional jersey color of the national team (as well as of all Italian teams and athletes, except in motor sports) is sky blue (azzurro, in Italian), and therefore national team members are nicknamed Azzurri.} We got into the spirit of the game and wore our Aussie jerseys and put green and gold paint on our faces. Unfortunately, no one had an Aussie Flag, which would have been good. But since we were clearly outnumbered, it was probably a good thing! It was actually good to see Italy win, the atmosphere here after the game was very exciting, loud, and entertaining! The girls quickly took their jersey’s off after the game, as they were feeling a little intimidated after some of the Italian’s started yelling at us “andate casa” (go home!)

I’m pretty excited about the Giro, there are only 4 stages that have significant climbs in them, so that leaves 5 stages which could end in a possible bunch sprint (the first stage is 5km prologue). Going on my form recently, I’m feeling pretty good in the sprint finishes, so hopefully I’ll be able to make it to the podium this time!

Ciao tutti,



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FrontofDuomo Italian_sCelebrate Jen_Kate ciaobella! italy037
itsahardchoice! pizzaworkofart shopinginMilan shoppingarcadeMilan  


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