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2006 in Review : WomensCycling.net

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  2006 In Review : WomensCycling.net   


This is potentially the first magazine of its kind! 




2006 in Review: WomensCycling.net is packed with over 700 photos from race coverage which runs from January through to September. Write-ups and results from the full World Cup series are included, as are the major stage races on the women's calendar. There are over 150 pages dedicated to race coverage and commentary. 


It includes race commentary and reflections from a number of the top professional women including, World Cup Champion Nicole Cooke (Univega Pro Team) and World Time Trial Champion Kristin Armstrong (TEAm Lipton). 

2006IR_11.JPG (32038 bytes) 2006IR_05.JPG (35136 bytes)
Nicole Cooke



The other riders who give their unique insights into particular races are : Kate Bates (Nürnberger), Natalie Bates (AA Drink), Priska Doppmann (Univega Pro Team), Olivia Gollan (Nobili Rubinetterie), Gina Grain (Colavita Light), Helen Kelly (Elk Haus), Jenny Macpherson (Elk Haus), Peta Mullens (Australia), Amber Neben (Buitenpoort-Flexpoint), Tina Pic (Colavita Light), Emma Rickards (Univega Pro Team), Amanda Spratt (Australia), Ina-Yoko Teutenberg (T-Mobile) & Oenone Wood (Nürnberger).


2006IR_01.JPG (39969 bytes)     2006IR_02.JPG (34123 bytes)     2006IR_03.JPG (37432 bytes)     2006IR_04.JPG (27584 bytes)     2006IR_06.JPG (30954 bytes)     2006IR_08.JPG (32240 bytes)     2006IR_09.JPG (34685 bytes)  
Amber Neben  Priska Doppman   Natalie Bates   Emma Rickards   Kate Bates     Gina Grain        Helen Kelly   
2006IR_10.JPG (29208 bytes)     2006IR_12.JPG (27574 bytes)     2006IR_13.JPG (39035 bytes)    2006IR_07.JPG (32679 bytes)   2006IR_14.JPG (28145 bytes)     2006IR_15.JPG (31128 bytes)     2006IR_16.JPG (32821 bytes)     2006IR_17.JPG (36298 bytes)

Amanda Spratt    Olivia Gollan   Oenone Wood   Ina-Yoko    Peta Mullens  Jenny Macpherson   Tina Pic     Judith Arndt     


2006 in Review: WomensCycling.net also includes a review of the season by incoming T-Mobile Team management Kristy Scrymgeour and a look at how women's racing has changed in a few short years by the new T-Mobile Team Directeur Sportif, Anna Wilson, who was a professional herself, with the American Saturn team before retiring in 2002. 

The man in charge of the Univega Pro Team, Thomas Campana, reflects upon winning the World Cup series for both individuals (Nicole Cooke) and the team award too. 

With coverage and results from the women’s professional racing scene, starting in Australia and moving all the way around the globe, to the culmination of the season in Salzburg, Austria with the World Championships,  2006 in Review: WomensCycling.net is a comprehensive reflection of the year just gone. The Commonwealth Games and the World Track Championships are covered in depth, as are the major events in North America which the European pros rode; the Canadian Tour of Montreal plus World Cup and "Philly" - the American race, the Commerce Bank Liberty Classic.


The year started in Australia, the Bay Series is start point for many local riders and a few northern hemisphere visitors. Although the main European contingent didn't arrive until the first round of the World Cup in Geelong, with more riders travelling Down Under for the Commonwealth Games

In-between these two events, the riders crossed the Tasman Sea to compete in the World Cup in Wellington and to ride the windy tour which precedes it.

Major stage races are also included; the Tour de l'Aude in France, the Giro d'Italia and the Dutch tours: Holland Ladies Tour and Euregio.

The World Track Championships in Bordeaux provided some of the best track racing of the year. Coverage is given to all the events included in the programme.

Presented in chronological order, the other World Cup races throughout the season are included in their appropriate positions in the calendar. 

The peloton headed off to Canada and the USA in May. The Tour of Montreal, the Montreal World Cup and the Commerce Bank Triple Crown are all covered in text and photos. "Philly" - the 13th Liberty Classic is here too.

Riders give their perspective into races which they particularly enjoy, or were successful in.

World Champion, Kristin Armstrong talks about her victorious time trial in Salzburg and the preparation which went into it. Nicole Cooke provides a run-down on the World Cup overall and the season-long concentration required to win the series.. 

Other riders also giving a unique insight into their day, or days in the saddle include:

Amber Neben, who won the Tour de l'Aude for the second time in a row and was grateful to all her team for their part in her win. 

Natalie Bates talks about her win in the Commonwealth Games road race, whilst sister, Kate reflects upon the responsibility which goes with wearing a National road race Champion's jersey in the peloton for the season.

Judith Arndt was relieved to finally win the World Cup race in Montreal, after coming so close in the couple which led-up to it. She describes relaxing in Montreal and soaking up the city's energy (and coffee).. 

Oenone Wood always enjoys the Giro in Italy and describes the strange situation in 2006 where the climbers were fighting to drop the sprinters to ensure overall victory.

Gina Grain took a chance and ended up with a medal from the scratch race in Bordeaux - she reflects on the experience and the series of fourth places prior to the event, where she missed out on medals.





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