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Free bicycle maintenance course

Women Only course with free places on offer 

Gran Prix Cycles in Melbourne continue to support women's cycling

Gran Prix Bicycles Website


Having launched their Women 4 Cycling section last month, Gran Prix Bicycles in Caulfield are continuing with their support for women interested in cycling. Owners Stephen Hart and his partner, Kay Mar are now offering women-only maintenance workshops. Don't be put off - these are courses for beginners - if you are just starting to cycle, this is the course for you. Gran Prix Bicycles pride themselves on the quality of their level of service. The staff are all friendly and won't patronise you - their mantra is that they will "fit the bike to you and not you to the bike."

So, if you live in the Melbourne area and want to know the basics about keeping your bike on the road, why not enrol in this initiative? Gran Prix Bicycles has a long history of running such courses, but this is the first women-only course. Its been designed with you in mind - learn bicycle terminology, repairs, servicing and even positioning tips. 

If you are one of the first 8 to enrol for the course on 26th February, you will get your place for free. Even at the usual price of $33, the course is great value. Click on the link now and take up your place..... 

Gran Prix Bicycles Website


The single session courses will run on 26th Feb and 9th April 2006 - both are Sundays and the session time is from 4pm until  8pm. 

Se below for the course outline >> 

Course Outline - Workshop 4 Women

Anatomy of a bicycle

Types of bikes

Know The Correct Bike Terminology

        overview of the bike anatomy

        type of bikes available for different riding needs


What to expect in various levels of service from a bike shop Know The 2 "Hows" and 2 "Whats"

        how often, how much?

        what service is required? What to expect at each level of service?


Practical Exercises : repairing a puncture & cleaning your bike Get Your Hands Dirty! - Repairing A Puncture & How 2 Clean Your Bike

.   box of surgical gloves

       change tube

        patching tubes

      tyre care - what pressure is required etc? 

      cleaning your bike 

Servicing a bike  


Maintenance Tasks Required Weekly - Monthly etc             

        gear adjustment

        brake adjustment

        lubricating moving parts - where, when and what to use

      bearings - checking and adjusting them and when to replace


Tools of the ride


What Tools are Needed?           

        on the ride

        at home

      costs of tools 

Bike set up 4 women General Overview of Bike Set Up Positioning

        frames, saddles, handlebars, shoes and pedals 


Women's cycling apparel What to Wear? These are WSD (Women Specific Designed) Products 

       knicks, jerseys, gloves, helmets shoes



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