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UCI Road World Cup 2006

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UCI pleased with the state of women's cycling

Significant increase in the number of women's teams for 2006, plus an extension in the World Cup calendar for 2006

The UCI has received 40 applications for women's team in 2006, meanwhile, World Cup organisers met in Aigle for a conference

UCI website - click here

"Women's cycling is doing well" - that is a quote from the UCI newsletter, which claims that proof of the statement is that 40 teams have applied for approval to operate in 2006. There are currently 25 teams registered in 2005 and whilst there is no guarantee that application leads to automatic registration, it would appear that the UCI is expecting an increase in numbers over 2005.

The UCI is particularly impressed with the fact that the T-Mobile Team, which competes in the (men's) ProTour will be adding a full, European-based women's team in 2006. (T-Mobile have historically operated a women's team which has competed only in the USA and Canada).

Meanwhile, the UCI has continued to support the development of women's cycling. It hosted a World Cup Organiser's conference at the World Cycling Centre in Aigle on November 24th. On the agenda were rule changes - specifically, changes in the rules permitting participation in World Cup events and also the quality and safety of event organisation. It is expected that 'mix' teams will no longer be permitted to compete in World Cup events - ' A 'mix' team is comprised riders from one or more trade team or from more than one regional team from the host country. 

The UCI has identified that 'mix' teams can confuse media coverage of events and provide less than optimal coverage and publicity to team sponsors. In the future, trade teams and national teams will be eligible to compete in World Cup events.


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