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Website launch breakfast

Breakfast launch to encourage more 'bums on bikes'

Australia's Cycling Promotion Fund launched a new women's cycling website at the weekend

Cycling Promotion Fund


In an entertaining breakfast event on Saturday, Australia's Cycling Promotion Fund in Australia launched a new website for women getting into cycling. The venue was just off Beach Road - the famous Melbournian 'strip' which  cyclists converge upon for rides most days - at the St Kilda Marina. There was free, secure, bike parking and probably over 50 percent of the attendees made use of the facility - taking the opportunity to start their weekend with an early morning ride before breakfast.

Even a couple of the speakers had ridden to the venue. Anna Wilson told the story of how she got bitten by the cycling 'bug' and progressed to the Olympic and World stage, resplendent in a Team Saturn top (her professional team prior to retirement), with an Australian national sleeveless bodywarmer slipped over the top. When asked where she'd come in her first ever competitive event, it was obvious she didn't want to brag with her reply "actually, I won - it was an E-Grade event"..........

Jann Garrard outlined the findings from a study she has been working on since February last year, which is investigating why women cycle and what the barriers to cycling are for women. She too had ridden before the event and highlighted that social interaction and a sense of achievement lead women to continue with cycling.

Felicity Dales told of her triathlon days where she would dye her hair the same colour as her kit - only to be asked after one swim section if she'd had an accident. The red dye she'd applied the day before was running from her wet hair down her face and looked like blood!

Catherine James, who took up cycling just a few years ago, an older convert admitted that she was rebelling because when she was young, she had not been allowed a bike. Her hilarious story which went from deciding to try a "Ride to Work Day" with the embarrassment of her bike sitting next to desk for several weeks (she was unable to make the journey home on it)  took listeners through to today - when she regularly rides to work, cycles socially and is cheered by the staff of her local bike shop when she passes on her regular commute. "They come out onto the street to run alongside and cheer me past" she told with a grin. Whilst that may be a bit of a tale, she has certainly got their respect - Catherine is an inspiration to anyone thinking they are past taking up cycling for whatever reason.....

Finally, came the launch of the new website - there are hints and tips for cyclists just starting out, including where to ride. Non-competitive cyclists are particularly welcome, with articles for those preferring not to adorn themselves in lycra, as well as those who suffer from "Helmet Hair". There are also tips about mechanics, such as how to mend a puncture and even bike selection for those looking to buy a bike.


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