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Gran Prix Bicycles 

Trek Bike Show & Women's Specific Section Launch

Superb Evening in Melbourne's South Caulfield

Gran Prix Bicycles in Melbourne launched their 2006 Trek bikes range and also their Women's Specific Design area last week. In an evening event, which was open to customers and any other interested parties, the stars of the show were undoubtedly the 2006 offerings from the American manufacturer, Trek. 

Pride of place was given to a women's Shimano equipped, top of the range racing bike. The bike on show had a "Project One" paintjob, which is the custom option where customers choose exactly how their bike will look. This particular model was beautiful - lavender handlebar tape topped-off a frame with a white and silver base colour which was enhanced with a bubble pattern of contrasting colours. The description does not do it justice - have a look at the pictures below.

In addition to having women's bikes on display, the Women's Specific Design area contains clothing, shoes and helmets, plus saddles - all of which are especially designed and manufactured to provide optimum best-fit and comfort for female cyclists. There is a changing room too, to enable customers to try items on. The staff are knowledgeable and will happily spend time with customers to listen and answer questions.

The evening was an enjoyable affair, on top of food and drinks available all night, the were plenty of guests for visitors to meet and to quiz. Neighbouring district of Port Phillip's cycling councillor, Dick Goss, was on hand to chat to visitors. Mark Gardner, from Trek Australia was also a popular visitor who was in demand - to discuss and explain the 2006 Trek range to the evening's visitors. In addition, Australia's Cycling Promotion Fund's Rosemarie Speidel and WomensCycling.net's CJ Farquharson gave talks to the enthusiastic women who were in attendance about women's cycling issues and developments. Several of the listeners stayed on well after the talks were concluded to discuss topics close to their hearts and to question the speakers. 

This was the inaugural Gran Prix Bicycles Trek Bike Show - watch out for next year's, but in the meantime, why not give the shop a visit and have a look at the women's bikes and the clothing in stock.

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