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Lucan CRC announces TQ Papers Team

Lucan Cycling Road Club are entering their first Women’s Team in the TQ International 2 Day on September 10th and 11th.

The international ladies 2-day cycle race is one of the biggest International Women’s race in Ireland and has been promoted annually since 1992 . The event attracts Teams from Ireland , The U.K., Holland , and Germany .  

The Team will be managed by Lucan rider - Brendan Whelan. Brendan managed the Irish National Team to a win in this event in 2004. Brendan has managed 'Team Ireland ' and 'Cycling Leinster' very successfully in 2004 and 2005, and is happy and confident with his current Lucan Selection.

The Riders

Internationally experienced rider - Róisín Kennedy, has accepted an offer of a place in the Team. Róisín was a regular on the National Team in 2004,  and having led Team Ireland to victory in the Danny Boy International last year, She is one of only a few Women in the race who have the proven ability to challenge for the overall.

Mary Mulchrone from Western Lakes was an important addition to the Team. She has raced well both at home and in Belgium this year. Mary is a very strong climber, and is not afraid to attack, She will suit this year’s tougher course.

Niamh Fitzgibbon rode the TQ in 2004 as part of a ‘Cycling Leinster’ Team. Niamh is a clever and talented rider, and was one of the first names that Brendan thought of when selecting a Lucan Team. Niamh has shown that she has the ability to ride strongly in Stage Race events

Louise Harliwich will represent the local club in the event. Louise has been a revelation for Lucan this year, She is currently in second position in the Women’s Boot Inn League, after winning three events. Louise has been steadily improving throughout the season, and she is looking forward to her first international race.

Caitriona Jennings will be riding her first TQ. Jennings has raced a number of Boot Inn events and has impressed each time. Her sister has represented Ireland at the very highest level, and on current form – it will only be a matter of time before Caitriona is talked of in the same manner.

The final place on the Team went to Jean O’Connor. Jean is another Boot Inn regular. She has been battling out the top places in the League for the season, and like Harliwich and Jennings is another rider with a possible bright future in Irish Cycling.


Support Staff

The Team will be supported by Mark Downes, Colm Dunne and Andy Murphy. All are Lucan riders. Mark has worked with the Women before as Mechanic for Team Ireland on the TQ 2004. Colm Dunne is a very experienced rider and he will add valued support and advice to the Team. Brendan has again asked Masseuse Andy Murphy to work with the Team, after the excellent job he done for the Irish Team in last years event.  


Team Website :  www.cyclinglucan.com


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