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Tradegy in Germany

Amy Gillett has been killed, 5 others seriously injured after a collision with a car in Germany

An out-of-control vehicle has ploughed into the Australian women's team whilst they were training in Germany for the Thuringen Rundfarht. The team was looking at the course for the prologue of the race which was due to have started on July 19th. Instead, a memorial service has been held for Amy Gillett by the organisers of the race.

Amy Gillett died as a result of the accident, whilst two others (Louise Yaxley and Alexis Rhodes) were listed as being in critical condition, that is now downgraded to serious. The other three members of the team were also seriously injured and are in stable condition in hospital. The other team members are : Katie Brown, Kate Nichols and Lorian Graham.

Gillett (known as Amy Safe until her marriage just before the 2004 Australian National Championships) was one of the longest standing members of the AIS /Australian cycling team in Europe, which is based in Italy. She had just flown back to Europe to resume racing after a mid-season break at home in Australia.

Our deepest thoughts and sympathy are offered to all family and friends of Amy Gillett and her team-mates at this terrible time. 

Cycling Australia's latest official release says the following :

"The organisers of the Thuringen Rundfahrt (Tour of Thuringen) have arranged for a memorial service to be held for Amy Gillett. The Service will be staged at the Marktplatz (Market Place) in Zeulenroda at 5.30pm July 19th (local time). The location was to have been the start/finish area of the first stage of the race which has been cancelled in the wake of Amy's death.

The Service will be attended by race teams and officials along with a representative of the German Cycling Federation, the President of the Thuringen Cycling Federation, Mr Jurgen Beese and local government representatives. Australia's Ambassador to Germany, Pamela Fayle, and Senior Consular Officer, David Poulter will also attend.

After a short service at the Marktplatz the mourners will travel in convoy to the site of the accident where floral tributes will be laid. Ambassador Fayle will lay a wreath on behalf of all Australians.

Four of the five cyclists injured in the accident are now in the same hospital after helicopters transfered Alexis Rhodes and Louise Yaxley earlier today (local German time). Arrangements are being made to move Lorian Graham to join them if she so wishes. Doctors have listed Lorian, Katie Brown and Kate Nichols in satisfactory condition whilst both Louise and Alexis remain in a serious but stable condition."



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