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Geneviève Jeanson has decided to compete as an independent this season. 

In the wake of RONA’s decision not to renew its sponsorship of an elite cycling team in 2005, cyclist Geneviève Jeanson has decided to compete as an independent this season. 

“I looked at the opportunities on existing teams in America and Europe, but I decided to treat myself to a year of freedom and flexibility,” explained the 23-year-old Canadian racer from her home in Arizona. “I’m fortunate to have a personal sponsorship from RONA for the season, and I have kept my major equipment sponsors – Colnago bicycles, Biemme clothing, Sidi shoes and the American cycling supply distributor Trialtir. I want to take advantage of this opportunity to race for the pure fun of it and to choose my racing program as the season unfolds.” 

Geneviève Jeanson will compete in major races by joining established teams on an ad hoc basis when she is invited, or by joining the “composite” teams specially established for independent racers by race organizers.

“There are meets that I just can’t miss,” added Jeanson, who took third place in the Valley of the Sun Stage Race in Arizona February 18-20. “The Montreal World Cup, the Tour du Grand Montréal, and the Canadian Championships are absolute musts, and I’ll definitely be at the starting line for the Redlands Classic on March 31. Other than that I plan to keep my options open, including competing in races in Europe. I’ll see.”

“I regret, but I respect RONA’s decision to redirect its sports sponsorships,” admitted Jeanson. “And I really want to thank RONA for the opportunity it gave the girls on the team, from seven different countries, to take part in a marvelous adventure. We started from nothing in 2001 and in four years we earned 150 victories. The name ‘RONA’ made its mark on women’s cycling, and I’ll continue to wear it proudly.” 






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