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Team News

Lloyd Morgan recruits top Americans

Lloyd Morgan Recruitment extends its involvement in cycling by announcing the Lloyd Morgan Recruitment women's World Cup team. In the Melbourne, Australia area, Lloyd Morgan Recruitment supports a men's U23 team that develops riders cycling and professional careers.

The women's World cup team includes three Australians and three Australians - including the SATS rider Meredith Miller who collided with a car days prior to racing in the Mercure/Lloyd Morgan Bay Criteriums team. "Its took longer than anticipated as the cast had to be re-set" commented Miller who had been limited to only riding on an indoor trainer, "it gets to you after a while, its great to have the cast off and out training on the roads".

Fellow Americans Tina Pic and Lynn Gaggioli also join the Lloyd Morgan Recruitment team. Tina Pic won the 2004 USA National Racing Calendar has won the American Criterium Championship for the past three years. Bob Kelly, Lloyd Morgan Recruitment team manager says "Look out at the finish, she's the fastest American on two wheels!" Lynn Gaggioli, wife of former European professional Roberto Gaggioli, will also add considerable fire power to the team having finished 3rd overall in the USA NRC series.

Melbourne's Kirsty Bortolin and Gemma Goyne and Queensland's Bridget Evans complete the Lloyd Morgan Recruitment team. Evans will race with the Lloyd Morgan team at Geelong and then travel back to her French racing base.

Both Lloyd Morgan Recruitment teams will be racing at Melbourne's Glenvale Criterium on Sunday 20th before the women's team heads to Geelong for the World Cup. For further information, visit http://team.bikepro.com.au


Geelong Three Day Women’s Tour 

Day 1 22nd February 

Stage 1  8 km Individual Time Trial at Portarlington. Start Time 10:30 am 

Stage 2  Criterium at Portarlington. Start Time 2:30 pm 

Day 2 23rd February 

Stage 3 – Road Race – Barwon Heads Circuit. Start Time 10:30 am

Day 3 24th February 

Stage 4  Road Race Lara Circuit. Start Time 10:30 am


UCI Women’s Road World Cup,

Sunday 27th February – Geelong. Start Time 10:00 am




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