Track World Championships

Los Angeles, USA

24th - 27th March 2005


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Sunday 27th March 2005 - Final Session

Commissaires fine both Anna Meares and Kate Bates for wearing non-regulation clothing, both riders had Australian bottoms to World Cup champion tops, they should blue.

Final 1-6 Place

Sanchez wins Gold

With two to go, all riders were watching , Reed coming from behind

Hijgenaar takes the wheel of the derny

Final 7-12 Place race coming up

Bell Anna Meares attacks, and takes 7th place, Kanis 8th, Abassova 9th, Pendleton 10th, 

As the derny pulls up riders are watching each other

The women roll out for the last time to race for 7-12 place, Kanis sitting on the Derny wheel.

Two to go Hijgenaar leads out, on the last but on bend Tyslinskaya crashes forcing Pendleton up and out of contention. Nivert takes the win ahead of Hijgenaar and Reed USA

Hijgenaar NED takes position behind the derny, Pendleton at the back.

Second Round of the Keirin heat 2, Tyslinskaya BLR, Nivert FRA, Pendleton GBR, Hijgenaar NED, Grishina RUS and Reed USA are getting ready to start.

Guo takes the lead with two to go, on the line, Sanchez, Frisoni and Guo go through, Anna Meares finished a close fourth.

Frisoni watching the four riders behind including the current World Champion Sanchez

Meares behind the derny, with Frisoni on her wheel.

Second Round of the Keirin, Meares AUS, Guo CHN, Sanchez FRA, Frisoni ITA, Kanis NED and Abassova RUS are fighting it out, only three riders to go through. 

In the second reprechage Guo CHN, Hijgenaar NED and Grishina RUS go through to the second round.

In the first of the reprechage Frisoni ITA, Nivert FRA and Kanis NED go through to the second round.

Unfortunately for Kerrie Meares the championships are over.

Slyusareva RUS wins the scratch Bates AUS on her wheel, Vypyraylo UKR third

Crash on the final bend Poitras CAN, Moinard FRA, Quinn USA involved 

Anna Meares and Pendleton through to next round of Keirin, Kerrie into the repechage

Saturday 26th March 2005 - Evening Session

Anna Meares takes Bronze

Meares v Meares for Bronze in the Sprint

Heat 3

Riding off for the Bronze medal, going a little faster than the previous heats, the Meares sisters look so comfortable on the track. Kerrie coming from behind, but Anna was well positioned and takes the Bronze.


Pendleton v Abassova for Gold

Victoria Pendleton Wins Gold

Heat 2

Even pace with Pendleton ahead, at the bell, Pendleton went with 200 to go to win the Gold medal

Meares v Meares for Bronze in the Sprint

Heat 2

Kerrie is one up, and again the two sisters are taking it steady, under the watchful eyes of the commissaires they were close to being pulled in. At the bell, Anna took the lead out, to tie the series.

Pendleton v Abassova for Gold

Heat 1

Abassova leading out forcing Pendleton really tight to wall. At the bell Pendleton dived low and took the win 12.184 59.093 km/h

Meares v Meares for Bronze in the Sprint

Heat 1

Taking it steady and doing track stands on the back straight, the Meares sisters are playing to the crowd.

At the bell, Anna lead Kerrie, Kerrie getting the first bite. 12.60  57.142km/h

Final Heat between Meares and Pendleton

Meares leads out with Pendleton watching waiting, Pendleton dived underneath for the bell.

Pendleton gets it 12.136. It's a all Australian Bronze ride off. Pendleton will ride off against Abassova for Gold


Gold Medal all Australian ride off, Bates v Mactier

Bell Mactier wins gold 

"I am so happy it makes all the hard work pay off" said Katie after the win

Second kilometre Mactier is 2.80 ahead

At the first kilometre Mactier is 2.325 ahead



Pursuit Bronze Medal Karin Thurig SUI v Elena Tchalykh RUS

Tchalykh RUS quickly into position. At one kilometre Tchalykh is 2 seconds up.

Thurig is 1.6 seconds down

Thurig is .66 down

Thurig takes Bronze 3.45.490


Anna Meares AUS v Pendleton GBR-Second Heat

Pendleton leading out, but Meares took control forcing Pendleton high at the start of the second lap, at the bell. Meares was too strong and took the second 12.398

K Meares V Tamilia Abassova- Second Heat

Meares leading out, with two to go, still at a steady pace. Approaching the bell Meares tried to go out early but Abassova was too strong.

Anna Meares AUS v Pendleton GBR

Steady for the first two laps with Anna in front. Approaching the bell, Meares lead out, Pendleton gets in on the line 12.151

K Meares V Tamilia Abassova

Racing over three laps Abassova lead Meares out, Meares trying to lead out Abassova gets it 12.978

In the first of the sprint semi-finals Australian Kerrie Meares AUS races off against Tamilia Abassova RUS

The second heat involves the second Australian and sister Anna Meares v Pendleton GBR

Saturday 26th March 2005 - Morning Session

Women's Individual Pursuit Qualifying

Its going to be an Australian gold medal in the Pursuit finals tonight in LA. Kate Mactier and Kate Bates qualified as the fastest two riders, putting them into the gold / silver ride-off. The race for bronze will be between Karin Thurig and Elena Tchalykh 


Friday 25th March 2005 - Evening Session

>>>   Carrara Wins ahead of Slyusareva and Bates  <<<<

Fifth Sprint

Li Meifang CHN gets it

Fourth Sprint

Bates gets it ahead of Slyusareva

36 laps to go Carrara in first place followed by Slyusareva and Bates AUS

Carerra gains 20 points for lapping the bunch leading now with 25 points and 43 laps to go

Vera  Carerra and Sharakova about to lap the bunch

Third Sprint

Taken again by Slyusareva who came underneath Davis GBR and Visser NED

Second Sprint

Taken convincingly by Slyusareva

First sprint 

Kate Bates AUS takes the first points, followed by Adrie Visser NED, Tatsiana Sharakova BLR and Joanne Kiesanowski NZL

Women's Points Race is about to start, 15 riders taking part, notably Olga Slyusareva

Friday 25th March 2005 - Morning Session

Sprint 5- 8 place

In the fight off for the minor places Tsylinskaya showed her dominance over the other riders, although Muenzer tried to box in Tsylinskaya with one lap to go, but there was not way of stopping her. The young Chinese rider Shuang Guo, who had performed so well in the final round of the World Cup in Sydney earlier this year, did not show the same form at this event. 


Position       Name                         Country           Time

5                    Natallia Tsylinskaya   BLR                     11.968

6                    Yvonne Hijgenaar      NED        

7                    Lori-Ann Muenzer      CAN 

8                    Shuang Guo               CHN


Sprint 1/4 Final

Kerrie Meares v Natallia Tsylinskaya, on the final lap Tsylinskaya moved out of her line forcing Meares to pull up, as a result Tsylinskaya was relegated.

Anna Meares v Yvonne Hijgenaar, Anna came through easy on the final lap, Hijgenaar tried hard in a last minute effort but could not match Anna Meares speed.

Shaung tried to go early before bell, she had had a 5m lead but Pendleton came round on the last bend and took it easily on the line

Muenzer v Abassova, Abassova went under Muenzer with a lap and a half to go forcing Muenzer up and out

1 Natallia Tsylinskaya BLR Relegated
Kerrie Meares AUS
2 Yvonne Hijgenaar NED
Anna Meares AUS 12.208
3 Victoria Pendleton GBR 12.181
Shuang Guo CHN
4 Tamilia Abassova RUS 12.535
Lori-Ann Muenzer CAN


Sprint 1/8 Finals

In heat 6, Victoria Pendleton took the long way around and came from behind with a blistering acceleration with only 100m to go to take a close decision from Willy Kanis

In heat 7, Anna Meares came close to leaving her line with 80m to go, but showed a burst of speed to see off Clara Sanchez's attempt to go around her.

Name Country Time
1 Natallia Tsylinskaya BLR 12.037
Celine Nivert FRA
2 Yvonne Hijgenaar NED 12.495
Oxana Grishina RUS
3 Tian Fang CHN
Shuang Guo CHN 12.396
4 Tamilia Abassova RUS 11.969
Jennie Reed USA
5 Lori-Ann Muenzer CAN 12.234
Simona Krupeckaite LTU
6 Willy Kanis NED 12.119
Victoria Pendleton GBR
7 Anna Meares AUS 12.11
Clara Sanchez FRA
8 Kerrie Meares AUS 12.529
Elisa Frisoni ITA


Sprint Qualifying

Last nights first World Champion of 2005, Natallia Tsylinskaya, BLR, (500m TT)  qualifies in first place

Anna Meares AUS  11.686    61.612km/h

Lori-Ann Muenzer CAN  11.543  62.375km/h

Victoria Pendleton GBR  11.725  61.407km/h

Jennie Reed USA  11.775   61.146km/h

Oxana Grishina RUS  11.858  60.718km/h

Simona Krupeckaite LTU  11.752  61.266km/h

Natallia Tsylinskaya BLR  11.278  63.841km/h

Yvonne Hijgenaar NED 11.386  63.235km/h

Tamilia Abassova RUS  11.532  62.438km/h

Elisa Frisoni ITA  11.660  61.749km/h

Shuang Guo  CHN  11.494  62.641km/h

Clara Sanchez   FRA  11.617  61.978km/h

Tian Fang  CHN 11.796  61.037km/h

Willy Kanis  NED 11.554  62.01km/h

Susann Pantzer GER  11.957 59.873km/h

Rebecca Conzelman USA 11.985   60.075km/h

Kerrie Meares  AUS  11.650         61.802km/h

Ioulia Aroustamova RUS  12.301           58.531km/h

Celine Nivert FRA     11.933            60.336km/h

Alena Prudnikova  RUS 12.318       58.451 km/h




Thursday 24th March 2005

18:30hrs - The Opening Ceremony is about to begin


18.44hrs - World Championships back in the USA, 33 countries taking part.


19.00hrs-  Men's Team sprint Czech Republic 46 sec 597, 57.843km/h


19.05hrs - Ukraine and Canada off against  the clock Canada coming off faster.

Ukraine 46sec 861, Canada 46 sec 860


19.10hrs - Russia and Greece, Greece take the lead so far with 46 sec 536 against 46 sec 752


19.12hrs - Germany and Poland, Germany post the fastest time so far 44 sec 756 60.327km/h, Poland 45 sec 460


19.15hrs - Great Britain and Japan, Hoy, Queally and Staff. GB take first spot, 44 sec 337, 60.897 km/h


19.17hrs - Final qualifying France and Netherlands. Bourgain, Bauge and Tournant on the same track as Bos, Mulder and Veldt.  GB hold first, Netherlands manager enough to fight out for Gold against GB. France 44 sec 632, 44 sec 575


19.20hrs - Women's 500m TT, first up Alena Prudnikova Russia 37 sec 497 48.003km/h


19.22hrs - Celine Nivert France 35 sec 628, 50.522km/h


19.24hrs - Magdalena Sara Poland 36 sec 983 48.671km/h 


19.26hrs - Willy Kanis Netherlands, 35 sec 056, 51.346km/h


19.28hrs - Tian Fang China, 35 sec 974, 50.036km/h


19.30hrs - Rebecca Conzelman USA 36 sec 074, 49.897km/h


19.32hrs - Susann Panzer Germany 36 sec 122, 49.831km/h


19.34hrs - Clara Sanchez France, 35 sec 730, 50.377km/h


19.36hrs - Lori-Ann Muenzer Canada, 35 sec 217, 51.111km/h


19.38hrs - Victoria Pendleton UK, 35 sec 088, 51.299km/h


19.40hrs - Nancy Contreras Mex, 36 sec 343, 49.528km/h


19:42hrs - Elisa Frisoni Ita  35sec 395  51.268km/h


19:44hrs - Natallia Tsylinskaya BLR  34sec 738  51.816km/h


19:46hrs - Yvonne Hijgenaar  NED   34sec 928,  51.534km/h


19:48hrs - Simona Krupeckaite  LTU  35sec 376,  50.881km/h


19:50hrs - Anna Meares  Aus  34sec 752, 51.795km/h


19:50hrs - New World 500m TT Champion is Natallia Tsylinskaya (BLR), deposing defending, 2004, Champion Anna Meares to second place and silver. Bronze medal won by Yvonne Hijgenaar, Netherlands


21.15hrs - Victory presentation Women's 500TT








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