Track World Championships

Los Angeles, USA

24th - 27th March 2005


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500m TT

The Women’s 500m Time Trial, did not produce any world record times but did produce a new World Champion in Natallia Tsylinskaya of Belarus, who won the event ahead of Anna Meares AUS, (current World Record holder) in a time of 34 sec 738. Talking to Women’s Cycling after the event Natallia was obviously overjoyed at her win “I am so happy and very excited and pleased with my win”. She had this to say “This is the main event for the year and we will be preparing for the Olympics. This is my first time (as World Champion) so I am still in amazement”.

Post race comments:

Natallia Tsylinskaya gold medallist talked to Women’s Cycling after her win. When asked about her preparation for this event she commented “I really prepared exactly for the 500m, five minutes before the event I was really worried, I don’t know why, I have not felt that way before. I have spent a lot of time training, now I see the results”. When asked about the other events Natallia added “I am comfortable with the sprint event, I now know I am going well against the other riders”. Many riders have commented about the new track and how soft it is, Natallia’s view on this is “maybe in a few years it will be fast but for me it is very lucky 

Anna Meares gained the silver medal “I’m really excited that I did so well, I haven’t been training for this event. I knew there would be expectations after the Olympics and my world record. It was on the cards for me to flick it for the season, but then we figured we would give it a shot. It’s tough not to win the World Championship, but when I look back over my career, I will always be the World Champion of 2004. I am second best tonight; I have another year to get back to win the championship again. I really want to be ready for the Time Trial in Melbourne, to have the event in your home country give you something special to work towards. I really want to be on fire for the games. This is my favourite event so I look forward to getting back into it for the Commonwealth Games next year” When asked if she was chasing gold Anna added “I really don’t like to go into an event chasing gold, I tried that tactic in Athens and it did not work for me in the sprint, now I just take it one race at a time, get it right in between and then if I get it right on the night I can focus on the other events” When asked what her focus is for this World Championships, Anna added “ the sprint and keirin, I have not really done any training for the Time Trial, I am pleased to know that without full preparation I can get a close second, I did not like giving up my World Championship but I was not the best rider today, Natallia was and congratulations to her

Yvonne Hijgenaar bronze medallist was “very happy with the result, finally third, last year I was fourth only missing it by a little bit, third this year, I am happy. My start was not very good I lost a lot of time to the other girls but I pulled it back in the last 200m, I am very, very happy. I hurt my hamstring two weeks ago so I was really worried about the start. I need a bit more weight training but I want to keep going in this event

Rebecca Conzelman finished a disappointing 13thI’m really disappointed in my ride tonight. I’ve been doing some great times in training. Tonight, I got stuck in the gate and that really costs you quite a bit of time. It probably cost me 6 or 7 tenths. It throws off your momentum, you learn from these things I have a lot of character from a lot of disappointments and you put the disappointment behind you. With the training I have been doing I would have hoped for a 35.4 flat.  It all comes down to the event on the day; I am hoping I will be a little more relaxed tomorrow”. When asked if she normally suffered with nerves, Rebecca added “ not normally, I did suffer a little more in Sydney, and it is some thing I really worked on, Lori-Ann (Muenzer) was a great help with that, she worked with me on my start and focussing, I want to thank her for that. I felt really focussed and wanted to nail the start, I was really shocked when I didn’t, and it took me by surprise

Lori-Ann Muenzer finished in 7th place, 0.49 sec off the pace but not too disappointed “I gave it everything I had, I could not have gone any faster, it wasn’t a beautiful ride but it was the best I could do today. I have been on this track for the last two weeks by myself training with my coach Steen. We were pleased with how I was going, tomorrow is another day, and I am looking forward to the sprints. This is not a super fast venue” ………  at this, Steen interjected “it needs to be ‘worked in’” ….. Muenzer continued “it’s a great facility; I wish I could rip this up and take it home with me. It is a beautiful track to ride; there are no hiccups or bumps

Victoria Pendleton finished 5th, the highest place she has finished in a World Championship. “I have had results at the World Cups but not at the finals. I am happy with my time although I lost my focus right at the beginning, I don’t know why, I know I could have gone better. Unfortunately I did not get right into my zone, I was aware of people around, that normally does not happen to me”. When asked about the remaining events Victoria added “I have my highest hopes on the sprint and the Keirin, I have been training for all three events, I have not focussed on just one like many of the women here. I am very happy with 5th, just three tenths off the leader, not too much to make up in the next two years before the Olympics and it’s not my strongest event” When asked about the Commonwealth Games in 2006, Victoria commented “ I am looking to raise my game, three tenths should be possible by next year, nothing is impossible” Commenting on her favourite track Victoria said without hesitation “Manchester, my home track, this one isn’t there yet, it will be faster in a few years. Tracks need to reach their prime, this one is a bit too new but still a great one to ride” Victoria plans to take a few weeks off after this event “I have not had any time off since the Olympics in Athens, I plan to go home and ride some local grass track events, back to my roots, and do some of the things I have not had time to do. Then I will begin preparing for the Commonwealth Games”.



Position Name Country Time Speed
1 Natallia Tsylinskaya BLR 34.738 51.816km/h
2 Anna Meares AUS 34.752 51.795km/h
3 Yvonne Hijgenaar NED 34.928 51.534km/h
4 Willy Kanis NED 35.056 51.346km/h
5 Victoria Pendleton GBR 35.088 51.299km/h
6 Tamilia Abassova RUS 35.109 51.268km/h
7 Lori-Ann Muenzer CAN 35.217 51.111km/h
8 Simona Krupeckaite LTU 35.376 50.881km/h
9 Elisa Frisoni ITA 35.395 50.854km/h
10 Nivert Céline FRA 35.628 50.522km/h
11 Clara Sanchez FRA 35.73 50.377km/h
12 Tian Fang CHN 35.974 50.036km/h
13 Rebecca Conzelman USA 36.074 49.897km/h
14 Susann Panzer GER 36.122 49.831km/h
15 Nancy Contreras MEX 36.343 49.528km/h
16 Magdalena Sara POL 36.983 48.671km/h
17 Alena Prudnikova RUS 37.497 48.003km/h
DNS Christin Muche GER




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