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Race Overview

Geelong Women's Tour

February 22 - 24, 2005

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Stage 1 Review

Late Update - winner Kathy Watt relegated to last in TT - click here

The rolling 8km time trial along The Esplanade in Portarlington was not an easy affair. The first rise came within the first 500m of the test and it was not easy - the outward-leg headwind made it even more difficult. Different riders tried different styles on the rolling course - grinding over a big gear, or pedalling quickly with a smaller gear. Some riders were obviously struggling earlier on in the race, others were able to carry on for longer before fading on the heavy, resurfaced road. The fastest riders coped in both directions and were able to maintain their efforts throughout. 

There was an unusual twist to the starting order for the time trial. The teams were able to nominate their rider's order once the start sheet had been drawn, placing team names in the appropriate places. Teams were therefore able to put their team leaders, or best potential riders earlier-on in the time trial in order to maximise rest time between Stage 1 and the afternoon's Stage 2 criterium.



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1  Kathy Watt          Inexa / Melbourne University Sport

2  Natalie Bates     Ton Van Bemmelen AA Drink

3  Alexis Rhodes    Australian Institute of Sport


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