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21st June - for 12 days

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Stage Review - Under 23 Road Race

Park City, Utah (June 22, 2005)-Katheryn Curi (Danville, Calif.) captured the biggest win of her cycling career Wednesday when the 30-year-old rode to a national championship in the 78-mile elite women's road race at the Park City Cycling Festival. A longtime support rider for several teams, Curi bested a field of 56 other finishers with an impressive solo effort that saw her breakaway from all of the pre-race favorites on the first of two significant climbs in the final 14 miles.

Throughout most of the day, a six-rider breakaway that consisted of Sarah Uhl (Philadelphia, Pa.), Lara Kroepsch (Boulder, Colo.), J Kele Hulser (Kenmore, Wash.) Anna Milkowski (East Chatham, N.Y.), Mara Abbott (Boulder, Colo.), and Cat Malone (Berkeley, Calif.) kept its distance from the main field for 28 miles and opened up a minute and a half gap. With two major climbs ahead of them, the peloton casually brought the gap down to under minute at the base of the first ascent. The lead of group of six were quickly absorbed as the road turned upward and the climbing specialists soon moved to the front of the race and pushed the pace.

With the difficult terrain taking its toll on the riders, Curi launched an attack up the left side of the road and rapidly began to gain time on the nearest group of competitors that included Amber Neben (Irvine, Calif.) Lynn Gaggioli (Santa Rosa, Calif.) Kristin Armstrong (Boise, Idaho), Kate Sherwin (Heber City, Utah) Grace Fleury (Winston Salem, N.C.) and Christine Thorburn (Menlo Park, Calif.).

"There was just this lull and I knew people were tired and I said 'this is my time,' said Curi. "I just gave it the risk and went. I attacked hard on the left and just put my head down."

Despite the talent behind her, Curi increased her lead to just under a minute at the top of the first climb. By the top of the second climb, her advantage was a minute and a half and Curi's move began to look like a legitimate threat.

Curi left everything on the road, saving nothing, as she powered her way towards the finish knowing that even if she was caught by the group behind, she had the comfort of knowing that one of her teammates was behind her in the chase group. "Even if I got caught, she (Thorburn) could counter attack, because she would have just been sitting on, so I just gave it my best. I knew that it's tough at nationals. You don't want to sacrifice yourself. But you've got to take that risk."

Curi eventually crossed the finish line 39 seconds ahead of Gaggioli to claim the national title.

Curi's win also earns her an automatic nomination to represent the United States at the world championships later this summer in Spain.

Defending champion and Tuesday's winner of the time trial, Kristin Armstrong was 17th.

Tina Pic (Dahlonega, Ga.), Thorburn and Neben rounded out the top five respectively.

Run concurrently with the elite women's category, the women's U23 classification was won by Lauren Franges (Barto, Pa.) as the first woman under the age of 23 to cross the line. Franges placed eighth overall of the 57 finishers.


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Results - Under 23 Road Race  

Place Last Name First Name Team Time Time Behind
1 CURI Katheryn Webcor Builders Elite Cycling T 03:26:03 03:26:03
2 GAGGIOLI Lynn Monex 03:26:42 39
3 PIC Tina Quark Cycling Team 03:26:43 same time
4 THORBURN Christine Webcor Builders Elite Cycling T 03:26:44 same time
5 NEBEN Amber Buitenpoort/Flexpoint 03:26:47 44
6 LARSON Rebecca Colavita/Cooking Light 03:26:48 same time
7 ELLIOTT Megan Bianchi/Grand Performance 03:26:49 same time
8 FRANGES Lauren Victory Brewing 03:26:49 same time
9 SANDERS Kristin JC Investors Cycling Team 03:26:49 same time
10 MILLER Meredith Team S.A.T.S 03:26:50 same time
11 FLEURY Grace Quark Cycling Team 03:26:50 same time
12 MIRABELLA Erin Bicycle Johns Seroious Cycling 03:26:51 same time
13 TILLLOTSON Sarah ABD Cycling Team 03:26:52 same time
14 LASASSO Kristen Team Lipton 03:26:52 same time
15 VAN GILDER Laura Quark Cycling Team 03:26:53 same time
16 COWDEN Dotsie Colavita/Cooking Light 03:26:55 same time
17 ARMSTRONG Kristin T Mobile 03:26:56 same time
18 SHERWIN Kate Victory Brewing 03:26:57 same time
19 LITTLE Alisha Ford Basis 03:26:57 same time
20 HAYWOOD Susan Unattached 03:26:58 same time
21 BALDWIN Kimberly T Mobile 03:27:01 same time
22 GRAETER Stefanie Webcor Buliders 03:27:07 01:04
23 SCHAFER Kori T Mobile 03:27:47 01:44
24 ABBOTT Mara Sports Garage 03:28:08 02:05
25 MALONE Cat Webcor Builders Elite Cycling T 03:28:22 02:19
26 MERCER Irene Tamarack Resort 03:28:54 02:51
27 ASPLUND Marisa Colorado Premier Training 03:28:54 same time
28 HOLDEN Marie T Mobile 03:29:11 03:08
29 RUITER Chrissy Ford Basis 03:29:21 03:18
30 JOHNSON Kristin Ford Basis 03:29:25 03:22
31 TRAPP Sima Subway Pro Cycling Team 03:29:25 same time
32 WANGSGARD Nichole Subway Pro Cycling Team 03:29:26 same time
33 HUMMEL Molly Team Dean 03:29:26 same time
34 LAMBDEN Katherine Team Lipton 03:29:27 same time
35 HOWAT Laura Utah Premier 03:30:18 04:15
36 POWERS Catherine La Grange 03:30:20 same time
37 FALK Starr Lgbrc/Easton/Specialized 03:30:21 same time
38 MONROE Megan Colo Preimier Training 03:30:30 04:27
39 ALDERS Erin Tamarack Resort 03:30:36 04:33
40 SAPP Merrill Landis/Trek/Vw 03:31:03 05:00
41 CARROLL Katharine Ford Basis 03:31:05 same time
42 RACHETTO Liza Team Lipton 03:31:06 same time
43 MURPHY Darcie Ogden One/Heartstrings 03:32:23 06:20
44 MILKOWSKI Anna Team Lipton 03:34:49 08:46
45 HARPER Beverley Touchstone 03:34:49 same time
46 UHL Sarah Quark Cycling Team 03:36:40 10:37
47 CARROLL Traci Team Rubicon 03:37:19 11:16
48 VAN DE KAMP Nisie Heartstrings/Ogden One 03:37:21 same time
49 MUCH Rebecca T Mobile 03:37:21 same time
50 BLICKEM Candice Quark Cycling Team 03:37:22 same time
51 OURADA Brooke T Mobile 03:37:22 same time
52 DODGE Karen Heartstrings/Ogden One 03:37:23 same time
53 HULSER J Kele Ford Basis 03:37:23 same time
54 TINGLEY Leah Team U.S. Armed Forces 03:37:23 same time
55 BOESTER Kim Webcor Builders Cycling Team 03:42:31 16:28
56 KROEPSCH Lara T Mobile 03:45:58 19:55
57 DAIGLER Maegan Colorado Premier Training 04:05:23 39:20:00



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