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12 Giro Ciclistico del Trentino

15th - 19th June 

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Stage Review - Stage 2

Lazio Ciclismo Team Ladispoli press release

Stage 2 was a good test for Stahurskaja, which saw her move to 5th on General Classification. A solitary escape, in the first kilometres, by Swiss  rider, Braendli gained a maximum advantage of  1min 35seconds before being brought back as the race passed through the the Faedo area. 

In the 55th km, Lazio rider Stahurskaja joined the escapee with a small group containing Worrack, Arndt, Cooke and Bubnenkova. The sprint to the line was taken by Bubnenkova, from Braendli. The pair were followed in by Arndt. Worrack was fourth while "Zina" came fifth . 

Two Lazios have moved up on GC - Barbarian Lancioni and Silvia Parietti, have risen to 9th and 14th places respesctively. The stage tomorrow (89 km) will be run from Condino to Bedizzole (Brescia).





           'Zina' Stahurskaja

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