Nature Valley Grand Prix

8th - 12th June 2005 

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Split Second Services Providing Timing Services to Nature Valley Grand Prix 

Representatives from Split Second Services, a Minnesota based electronic timing, photo-finish and results processing company, announced they had provided accurate times for every competitor at the Saint Paul Time Trial, Stage 1 of the Nature Valley Grand Prix. Timing results were filed with officials within minutes of the end of the competition.  The Nature Valley Grand Prix is one of the largest professional cycling competitions in the United States. 

“This event is our first professional competitive event as a company,” says Bruce Brasaemle, one of the principals of the firm. “But with 25 years of experience in competitive cycling we felt we could handle it.” Brasaemle added along with the other principals in the firm, Matthew Moses and Jeffrey Helgerson, Split Second Services has over 25 years’ experience in aspects of competitive cycling including race organization, officiating and event services. The firm has also provided timing services for other competitive sports including canoe and skijoring races. 

Timing was provided at the Nature Valley Grand Prix using an Alge ASCI start clock and an Alge TdC 8001 Timedata Computer using a Tapeswitch Corporation Controlfex Ribbon Switch to record finish times. Competitors’ times, current placing and elapsed time were instantaneously displayed as each rider finished on Alge GAZ4 display boards. No timing errors were reported and each competitor was given an accurate time. Split Second Services will be using FinishLynx digital photo-finish technology for the subsequent stages of the Nature Valley Grand Prix. 

“This is an excellent way to begin the competition,” says David LaPorte, Race Director for the Nature Valley Grand Prix and Great River Energy Bicycle Festival. “These guys have been involved in some way with the event for years, so I knew I could trust them to get the job done.”

About Split Second Services: The mission of Split Second Services is to provide fast and accurate electronic timing, photo-finish and results processing for competitive sports with an emphasis on bicycle racing. The firm was founded in 2005 by principals with collectively over 25 years experience in racing, race organization and officiating. Split Second Services is rapidly establishing itself as a high quality service provider of timing services for national professional bicycle races.


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