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Race Review - Trudy Brown escapes for win

Trudy Brown from Northern/Dave Kane CC won the Women race on Saturday 23rd
April. The event was held over 50km in windy conditions on the hilly Dromore circuit in County Down.

Trudy was able to escape from the group to win by over 1 minute. Erin
Turkingdon just back from the Tour of Malta held off Frieda Brown with
Trudy's teamates Clare Duffield and Kathryn Bell also making the top 6.
Elain Harte from Phoenix rode very well for 5th.

Novice racers Elaine Harte, Claire Duffield, Catherine Bell in action

Results - Race 3

1. Trudy Brown (Northern/Dave Kane CC)
2. Erin Turkington (Clann Eireann)
3. Frieda Brown (Orchard Wheelers)
4. Clare Duffield (Northern/Dave Kane CC)
5. Elain Harte (Phoenix CC)
6. Kathryn Bell ((Northern/Dave Kane CC)


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