Northern Ireland WomensCycling.net Series 2005

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Race Review

Round 1 of the 2005 Northern Ireland WomensCycling.net league got underway with the McCann Cup event hosted by Omagh Wheelers.

The 60km race was run off in freezing conditions with the competitors contending with intermittent snow flurries throughout, just to remind everyone that Spring is not with us just yet.

In the 2nd of four laps Orla Hendron (Orwell Wheelers) attacked from the lead group and was quickly joined by current Irish Road Race Champion Julie O'Hagan (Dublin Wheelers). As these two set about building a race winning break the danger was quickly spotted by Cheryl Fisher (Phoenix) who battled across the gap to join them.

This proved to be the decisive move and when these three combined there was no way back for a dwindling chasing group.

O'Hagan attacked in the last 2 km to just pull clear of her break away companions and held on for her second win of the year followed three seconds later by Hendron and Fisher.

The sprint for fourth place was won by Julie Mulligan of the promoting club to the pleasure of the home spectators.

The riders are now looking forward to the 2nd race in the series, the Spring Classic at Drum Manor, Cookstown on 16th April.


Results - Race 1

1 Julie O'Hagan (Dublin Wheelers) 

2 Orla Hendron (Orwell Wheelers) 

3 Cheryl Fisher (Phoenix) 

4 Julie Mulligan (Omagh Wheelers) 

5 Trudy Brown (Northern) 

6 Roisin Kennedy (Usher IRC) 

7 Christina Clarke (Bann Valley) 

8 Jemma Donaghy (Phoenix) 

9 Elene Meslrve (Dublin Tri) 

10 Elaine Harte (Phoenix)



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All images courtesy Marian Lamb - www.CyclingUlster.com


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sprint for 2nd McCann05.jpg (30579 bytes) wins McCann 05.jpg (36118 bytes)

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