UCI World Masters Championships

12th September - 17th September

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Day Review - Saturday

It was the day of the pursuits for the women today. The finals brought some fast, close rides and the medals were well-earned by the competitors.

History was made by Annette Hanson (USA) - she not only rode 2 pursuits - qualifying and final and took the gold medal in the 40 - 44 years category, she also rode the Murratti Cup. The Murratti is a 10 mile open race which has 'a lot of history' and used to be run by the local Manchester Wheelers club, before being reinstated as an event at the Masters Track Championships a few years ago. Hansen had to push the organisers to accept her entry, but once on the track, let her legs speak for her. She finished safely in the bunch, 16th, after a controlled race, which was won by Keith Rudd in 19 minutes 49.646seconds (over 30mph!).

Results - Saturday

50+ Years

Pursuit 2000m 8 Laps - Final
1st   Marsha Macro USA 2.49.147
2nd   Elizabeth Randall AUS 2.49.506

3rd   Evelyn Kenyon GBR 2.54.383
4th   Carole Gandy GBR 2.54.825


1st   Marsha Macro USA 2.48.352
2nd  Elizabeth Randall AUS 2.50.006
3rd   Carole Gandy GBR 2.52.956
4th   Evelyn Kenyon GBR 2.54.565
5th   Ann Staley GBR 2.58.793


45 - 49 Years
Pursuit 2000m 8 Laps  - Final
1st    Petra Kluender GER 2.45.574
2nd   Ann Marie Love USA 2.47.083

3rd   Auriel Forrester GBR 2.50.760
4th   Olga Figueroa COL 2.57.895


1st   Petra Kluender GER 2.46.392
2nd  Ann Marie Love USA 2.46.662
3rd   Auriel Forrester GBR 2.50.668
4th   Olga Figueroa COL 3.00.663
5th   Julie Shuttleworth GBR 3.16.519

40 44 Years
Pursuit 2000m - 8 Laps  Final
1st   Annette Hanson USA 2.34.701
2nd  Julia Shaw GBR 2.37.512

3rd   Carol Scott GBR 2.45.072
4th   Makiko Hamada JAP 2.46.083


1st   Annette Hanson USA 2.32.343
2nd  Julia Shaw GBR 2.36.474
3rd   Carol Scott GBR 2.45.172
4th   Makiko Hamada JAP 2.47.168
5th   Sophie Wood GBR 2.47.499
6th   Elizabeth Clayton GBR 2.49.782


35 39 Years 
Pursuit  2000m 8 Laps Final

1st    Janet Birkmyre GBR 2.38.876
2nd   Tabatha Cole AUS 2.40.125

3rd   Nicky Peters GBR 2.45.983
4th   Michelle Enslin RSA 2.46.723


1st   Janet Birkmyre GBR 2.42.312
2nd  Tabatha Cole AUS 2.42.887
3rd   Nicky Peters GBR 2.43.997
4th   Michelle Enslin RSA 2.47.123
5th   Sonya Keay AUS 2.49.981
6th   Karen Glynn GBR 2.54.615

30 34 Years  
Pursuit 2000m 8 Laps Final
1st    Katrina Hair GBR 2.31.609
2nd   Isabelle Nguyen Van Tu FRA 2.36.541

3rd   Anna Jones-Perrin AUS 2.36.391
4th   Annerine Wenhold RSA 2.40.458


1st    Katrina Hair GBR 2.32.374
2nd   Isabelle Nguyen Van Tu FRA 2.37.303
3rd   Annerine Wenhold RSA 2.38.284
4th   Anna Jones-Perrin AUS 2.39.651
5th   Lee Johns AUS 3.00.469


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