UCI World Masters Championships

12th September - 17th September

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Day Review - Thursday

A day of sprint action today. Some exciting racing, where Julie Barnett went 'the long way' from behind in the final 200m to retain her sprint title in the 40-44years cateogry. Petra Kluender from Germany took the 45+ years title

Results   40-44 years

Sprint Final  40 44 Years 

1st   Julie Barnett AUS 13.714
2nd  Annette Hanson USA

3rd  Carol Scott GBR 14.496
4th   Makiko Hamada JAP

Sprint 40 44 Years  Semi Finals
Semi Final A
1st   Annette Hanson USA 15.426
2nd  Makiko Hamada JAP

Semi Final B
1st   Julie Barnett AUS 13.961
2nd  Carol Scott GBR

Sprint  40 44 Years - Round 1 
Heat 1
1st    Annette Hanson USA Ride Over
DNS Debbie Preller USA

Heat 2
1st   Julie Barnett AUS
2nd   Debbie Capewell GBR

Heat 3
1st   Carol Scott GBR 14.432
2nd  Makiko Hamada JAP

Sprint 40 44 Years Repechage
Heat 1
1st   Makiko Hamada JAP 14.782
2nd  Debbie Capewell GBR

Sprint  Final  45 + Years
1st   Petra Kluender GER 14.020
2nd  Ann Marie Love USA

3rd  Joanne Fenwick GBR 16.989
4th  Evelyn Kenyon GBR

Sprint  45 + Years Semi Finals
Semi Final A
1st    Ann Marie Love USA 16.090
2nd   Evelyn Kenyon GBR

Semi Final B
1st    Petra Kluender GER 13.892
2nd  Joanne Fenwick GBR

Sprint 45 + Years       200m Qualifying Time Trial

1st    Ann Marie Love USA 13.240
2nd   Petra Kluender GER 13.431
3rd   Joanne Fenwick GBR 13.433
4th    Evelyn Kenyon GBR 14.570



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