UCI World Masters Championships

12th September - 17th September

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Day Review - Monday

There were the Points Races today for the women in Manchester. 

30-39 years - 60 laps (15km)

With 3 Australians in the small field, there was the possibility that they might dominate the race. In the first sprints, they did well and Sonya Keay and Anna Jones-Perrin were 'on the board'. However, the race was taken to them by Frenchwoman, Isabelle Nguyen Van Tu, who was contesting the sprints throughout and working hard to ensure that she was in correct position ready for the regular sprint laps. 

A fall at the finish line with 21 to go saw Australian Jones-Perrin out of the race to put herself back together, but she was quickly back in the action again after 2 laps. Compatriot, Lee Johns called it a day at this point. However, none of this changed the final result, with Nguyen Van Tu taking the title for the second year in a row. 


Points 30-39   15km 

1  Isabelle Nguyen Van Tu    FRA 

2  Sonya Keay                       AUS

3  Anna Jones-Perrin            AUS


Points 40-44   12.5km


1  Annette Hanson   USA

2  Debbie Preller     USA

3  Sophie Wood       GB


Points 45+


1  Marion Max         Netherlands

2  Marsha Macro    USA

3  Petra Kluender   Germany




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