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Trofeo Lombardia

From the SS Lazio -Ladiospoli press office

Updated News from this Race

Marta Vilajosana took an important victory in the recent Trofeo Lombardy Ciclocross 2005-2006, a memorial race for Lele Dall’Oste. The Catalan rider was competing in the Women's Elite category. The race took place in Molteno, in the province of Lecco and opened the prestigious trophy dedicated to the memory of Lele Dall’Oste.

For Vilajosana, the result is a positive one and demonstrates that she has good form. "I am very happy. This results shows that I am in good shape. We hope that it is a good omen for the rest of the season." said the rider after the finish.

Marta Vilajosana





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