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Summer 2005

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Chloe Farrell takes her First Win     Women’s Boot Inn League – 03/08/05  Race 8

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Chloe Farrell from Kilcullen took her first win in the Women’s Boot Inn League on Aug 3rd


Chloe sprinted home ahead of ‘Lucan C.R.C’s Paul ine Macey, after the two riders went clear of their limit group companions, with the Scratch group closing in with a Lap to go.


Chloe and Paul ine had started the last lap with Kathy Cullinan (Stamullen) and Leanne McDarby (Bagel Bar), all working hard together. The remainder of the Limit group – Fiona Redmond(Bray),and Aideen Collard (Orwell) were slightly off the pace but still in contention.


Coleen Foley (Swords) – looked the most likely to catch the riders ahead. She had started three minutes behind the Limit group, and had broken clear of Deb Gordon (DWCC) Loraine Crean (Pir) and Eileen O’Sullivan( Sorrento ), and had been chasing hard on her own since the first lap.


The race behind was taking a familiar shape,  Rose Leith(Sorrento) and Jean O’Connor (UCD) were finding it hard to contend with attacks from Louise Harliwich (Lucan), but the three riders were caught by the fast riding scratch group which was now down to Orla Hendron (Orwell), Róisín Kennedy (IRC) and Gillian McDarby (Bagel Bar).


Paul ine Macey(Lucan) was unable to match the fast Pedalling Chloe Farrell in the sprint for the line but was rewarded for her long efforts at the front with an excellent second place.

Leanne McDarby(Bagel Bar) followed close behind for third, and Harliwich won a three up sprint with Kennedy and Hendron to take fourth.





  1. Chloe Farrell – Kilcullen/Murphy Surveyors

  2. Paul ine Macey – Lucan C.R.C/Stagg Cycles

  3. Leanne McDarby – The Bagel Bar

  4. Louise Harliwich - Lucan C.R.C/Stagg Cycles

  5. Róisín Kennedy – The Irish Road Club/Usher

  6. Orla Hendron – Orwell/DundrumS.C

Pauline Macey(2nd) with winner Chloe Farrell

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