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Melbourne Cup on Wheels supporting races

Women's scratch and handicap races

Scratch Race - 12 laps

In the women's races, Belinda Goss returned to the track with a commanding performance in the scratch race - looking sharp and fit, she easily took the 12 lap race from Peta Mullins and Jessica Berry. Rahna Demarte was 4th. This after a break early on, which saw Michelle King out on her own with a sizeable gap. Nicole Holt was the rider who chased and closed the gap - possibly a suicidal thing to do in terms of the final result, but Holt has worked hard on fitness and strength in the last twelve months - a year ago she would have been struggling at the back of the field - it was great to see her in action at the front!

1 Belinda Goss

2 Peta Mullins

3 Jessica Berry

4 Rahna Demarte


Handicap Race - 6 laps

The handicap race was over 6 laps. It took a couple of laps for everything to come together - the field was spread from scratch to 160m. Once everything had pretty much come together, there were a couple of dangerous moves by riders who tried to come underneath the large group to find their way to the front. Unfortunately, when Jessica Berry attempted to do so, the 'wave' of riders moving up the track to get out of her way caused a touch of wheels which caused Nicole Whitburn to crash. Whitburn will be sore on Sunday, but got up and walked away without losing too much skin. The front of the bunch was not affected by the crash and three riders were able to get a gap off the front with a lap to go. Apryl Eppinger sprinted well to take the win from Michelle King and Monique Hanley.

1 Apryl Eppinger

2 Michelle King

3 Monique Hanley



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