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Race Results

USA Criterium Championships

Tina Pic takes four in a row

Four consecutive victories for Quark's Tina Pic

Sprinter Tina Pic has taken the USA Criterium Championship title for the fourth time in a row. Racing in Downers Grove in Illinois, Pic took the final sprint ahead of Nicole Freedman and Jen McRae.

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Posn Name Team
1 Tina Pic Quark Cycling Team
2 Nicole Freedman Ford-Basis Cycling
3 Jen McRae Aaron's Corporate Furnishing
4 Shannon Hutchison Aaron's Corporate Furnishing
5 Magen Long The Bicycle store
6 Kimberley Cunningham Morgan Stanley 24 Hour
7 Mackenzie Dickey TEAm Lipton
8 Kori Seehafer T-Mobile
9 Brenda Lyons Victory Brewing
10 Mind! Martin Mercy Cycling
11 Sherri Stedje The Bicycle store
12 Megan Elliot Bianchi/Grand Perfon
13 Meredith Miller TEAm Lipton
14 Molly Vetter-Smith Mesa Cycles
15 Brooke O'Connor Hub Racing
16 Sarah Tillotson ABD/Trek-VW
17 Sheba Farrin Hub Racing
18 Melissa Sanborn Subway
19 Lara Kroepsch T-Mobile
20 Laura Van Gilder Quark Cycling Team
21 Elizabeth Begosh Velo Bella
22 Anne Meyer Mercy- Specialized
23 Nichole Wangsgard Express Racing/Sub,
24 Renee Eastman Vitamin Cottage
25 Brooke Miller Squadra Torani
26 Leigh Valletti Travelgirl Magazine
27 Mari Hoiden T-Mobile
28 Shawn Heidgen TDS/Schwalbe
29 Kimberly Baldwin T-Mobile
30 Crystal Howard Subway
31 Grace Fleury Quark Cycling Team
32 Heather Albert Ford-Basis cycling
33 Tracy Sproule Aaron's/15flyers
34 Katharina Weber Team Kenda Tire
35 Robin Farina DeFeet Women's eye
36 Courtenay Brown McGuire Cycling

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