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Race Results

Bendigo Madison Women's Support Races

Sunday      Click here to go to Saturday's write-up

The Bendigo Madison is one of the richest track events in Australia. Run in conjunction with a running race meeting, the Madison meet takes place over 2 days and comprises over 150 events in those 2 days. 

Such is the 'pull' of the event, there are regularly crowds of several thousand in attendance. This year promises to have good weather (sunny and mid 30'C temperatures), great fields and some exciting racing.

Sunday Results    

B grade Scratch -Sponsor - Bud's Flowers

In the first even of day two, the temperature had already reached 30+ degrees. This resulted in a steady pace being set, as the bunch rolled without attacks throughout the majority of the race. At two to go Christine Ervin lead the group through, increasing the pace slightly.

At the bell, Tahlia Clayton headed the group through looking very strong, in the end taking the win easily ahead of Roz Bradley.

1          Tahlia Clayton  5.12.18

2          Roz Bradley

3          Emma Waldron


A Grade Scratch -Sponsored - Faye Buerger

In a replica of race one, the pace was easy for the first six laps. At the bell Christine Allen attacked closely marked by Hannah Bush. Belinda Goss was boxed in, she had managed to get herself stuck on the inside of the track, with Briana James and Tess Downing on her outside. With 250m go, Goss managed to get out but was forced to go round the outside to take the win. Unfortunately in her attempt to get out, Goss had swung out and caused Jessica Berry to easy up and was subsequently relegated by the judges after the race.

1          Catherine Allen  4.56.53

2          Tess Downing

3          Briana James


Under 13 Women Scratch - Sponsored by Bendigo & District Cycling Club

Antonia Abbisogni showed her form and skill and took the lead with 250m to go. She just held on for the win on the line.

1          Antonia Abbisogni            2.10.25

2          Imogen Jelbart

3          Jessica Robertson

Under  15/17 Womens Scratch -Sponsor Jacinta Allan

Ester Pugh-U'Ren rode a strong race, coming through in the sprint to the line to take the win.


1          Esther Pugh-U'Ren            3.18.91

2          Kate Perry

3          Monica Kelly


Under 13 Womens Handicap 600m-Sponsor -  Neverfail Water

With the favorite on the back mark, the front markers went at a blistering pace. Imogen Jelbart working hard to ensure her win ahead of the scratch mark starter Abbisogni.

1          Imogen Jelbart   48.31

2          Sophie Waldron

3          Antonia Abbisogni


Under  15/17 Womens Handicap 1000m -Sponsor - McArthurs Shoes

The back markers had to work hard to try to bridge the gap to those at the front of the field. Unfortunately the front makers of Kelly, Hooper and Flood managed to hold the lead at the finish line.

1          Monica Kelly                  1.20.19

2          Rebecca Hooper

3          Shelly Flood   


Women B grade Scratch -Sponsor - Oval Motel

Raced over 8 laps the bunch rolled round at a steady pace for the whole race. At the bell lap Tahlia  Clayton lead the bunch through getting out of her seat at 250m in a repeat of the first event of the day, three riders battled it out at the finish line, Emma Waldron finished just ahead of Clayton.

1          Emma Waldron            5.05.79

2          Tahlia Clayton

3          Roz Bradley


Womens A Grade Scratch -Sponsor - Perrows Paints

The heat of the day meant this race had a steady pace for the first four laps. Belinda Goss looked comfortable in fourth spot as they rolled round.  With four to go Goss lead them through looking strong. At three to go Catherine Allen tried to push the pace while Hannah Bush sat on the back looking comfortable. At two to go the bunch slowed moved higher up the track, no one wanting to make a move. At the bell, Downing tried to go round the outside with 150m to go, but she was held out by Jessica Berry and Belinda Goss who rode strong to take the win on the line.

1          Belinda Goss                 4.58.53

2          Jessica Berry

3          Tess Downing


1000 m Women's Wheelrace Final - Sponsor - Poppy's Bridal

Tess Downing off scratch was chasing Bradley, who was off 95m. At the bell Bradley held the lead, the backmarkers of Tess Downing, Belinda Goss and Jessica Berry tried to make contact. With 50m to go, it was clear that Roz Bradley was going to manage to hold on for the win closely followed by Catherine Allen and Tess Downing.

1          Roz Bradley  4.15.18

2            Catherine Allen

3          Tess Downing


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