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Race Results

Bendigo Madison Women's Support Races

Saturday     Click here to go to Sunday's write-up

The Bendigo Madison is one of the richest track events in Australia. Run in conjunction with a running race meeting, the Madison meet takes place over 2 days and comprises over 150 events in those 2 days. 

Such is the 'pull' of the event, there are regularly crowds of several thousand in attendance. This year promises to have good weather (sunny and mid 30'C temperatures), great fields and some exciting racing.

Saturday Results  

Girls Under13 Scratch  3 Laps

1            Antonia Abbisogni            2.02.50

2            Imogen Jelbart

3            Madison Leske


Girls Under 15/17 Scratch 5 /laps

1            Samantha Verlin             3.20.53

2          Esther Pugh-U'Ren

3            Catherine White


Girls Under 13 600 m Handicap

1            Sophie Waldron            49.33sec       

            Bianca McKenzie

3            Imogen Jelbart


Girls Under 15/17 1000m Handicap

1            Catherine White            1.16.66

2            Rebecca Hooper

3          Shelly Flood


Women’s Pursuit Scratch 8 Laps 

In an initially uneven event, due to several non-starters, a depleted B group lined up against an almost full-strength A group. In the end, the event turned out to be close. The A group back markers (which included Belinda Goss and Jessica Berry) caught  the B group with 3 to go. At the start of the bell lap Tahlia Clayton led the bunch out followed by Renee Braithwaite. With 100m to go Belinda Goss took control and passed Jessica Berry to take the win ahead of Berry and  Hannah Bush.

1 Belinda Goss            4.31.75

2 Jessica Berry

3 Hannah Bush.


Wheelrace 1000 m Final

Belinda Goss, on her own on the scratch mark, took no time at all to catch the first of the riders in front of her Jessica Berry, Renee Braithwaite and Catherine Allen.  As the bunch approached the bell lap, Roz Bradley led the group through closely followed by Emma Waldron. Livia Glouchowska and Hannah Bush stayed close to the wheel of Catherine Allen as the bunch approached 200m to go. On the final bend Gluchowska kicked hard to taking the win, closely followed by Bush and Allen. 

         Livia Gluchowska               1.12.32

2            Hannah  Bush

3            Catherine Allen


'B" scratch 8 laps

The officials reduced this race to 6 laps due to the last minute withdrawal of several riders. Despite the small numbers, Erin Downing was the first to make a move quickly followed by Tahlia Clayton who waited for the last 200m to make her move to take a clear win on the line.


1          Tahlia Clayon            3.38.30

2          Emma Waldron

3          Roz Bradley


"A" scratch 8 laps

A sedate pace for the first half of the race led to a frenetic pace for the final laps. Belinda Goss looked confident during the race, sitting comfortably on the wheel of Renee Braithwaite. Briana James and Hannah Bush tried to push the pace, however they were held by Jessica Berry and Goss. In the sprint to the finish, Goss was the strongest to take the win on the line.


1            Belinda Goss                        3.41.56

2            Jessica Berry

3          Briana James


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