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Race Results

Australian Madison Champs - Women's Support Races

Motorpace & Keirin

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With small fields for both of these races, the odds for those not usually in the placings at Melbourne's Vodafone Arena improved drastically on Saturday night.  

It was young rider Hannah Bush, from Shepparton who made the most of the opportunity, though, with wins in both races. The 17 year old, who flies over to Adelaide on Sunday to compete in the Australian national track titles, showed her competitors a clean set of wheels in both events to win commandingly. 


Briana James and Livia Gluchowska gave it a go in the race to the line, but neither was a match for in-form Bush. Bush had at least half a length over James and Gluchowska as she relaxed just before the line in the 10 lap race. The rest of the field was left behind by the speed exhibited by these three.


1 Hannah Bush
2 Briana James
3 Livia Gluchowska 
4 Louise Bourke
5 Jessica Lane
6 Roz Bradley


The large crowd did not seem to have any effect upon Hannah Bush a she took the front of the paceline with one lap to go in the 6 lap Keirin race. She glanced over her shoulder to check the opposition, then rode away from them to claim victory number two. Second this time was Livia Gluchowska from Brian James. The rest of the field followed in quickly, with a slight change to the order from earlier in the night

Final 200m  in 12.87 seconds (55.905 km/h)


1 Hannah Bush
2 Livia Gluchowska 
3 Briana James
4 Roz Bradley
5 Jessica Lane
6 Louise Bourke

WomensCycling.net spoke with Hannah Bush after the racing. Her reaction to the wins : "I've had a good night, I'm very happy." Her tactics had been to "Hit the front, lead out. Its a hard track to come around on and I could give it a good shot if I was at the front. If I'd been at the back, I'd have had no hope of even getting a placing. I gave it my all and it came out good." The inclusion of 2 motorpace events for the women suited Bush "I'm training for the Keirin this year so the motorpace was just an extended version."  With that, Bush hurried off to change - she was flying out to Adelaide for the National Track Championships week in less than 12 hours and will be competing on Monday. Her events  - Keirin, sprint, 500m TT and possibly the scratch  and points races - this was just a warm-up for a hectic week of racing really!



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