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Race Results

Australian Women's Time Trial Championships

Wood doubles up - 22

With her show of form last week, in the Jayco Bay Classic (Click here for Jayco event write-up) it is perhaps no surprise that Oenone Wood found herself on the podium in the Time Trial on Wednesday afternoon. But, form in a week of criteriums is not necessarily transferable to a 30km time trial. Plus, although there were some good riders with good form in Melbourne last week, not all the top riders were there. In post-race comments on Sunday, when questioned about the national championships, Wood was quick to point out that Olivia Gollan, Sara Carrigan and Amy Gillett (neé Safe) were all contenders and were not at the Jayco Bay series. She knew that South Australian Gillett had been busy building on good form with some motorpaced training in the Adelaide area. 

On what was a hot day, Oenone Wood took her second road National Championship within a week and successfully defended her 2004 title. She beat Olympic RR Champion (and new Nürnberger team-mate), Sara Carrigan in to second place by 40seconds and 2004 silver medallist in the RR, Amy Gillett into third by just under a minute. 

So, it was really a case of 2-squared, or twice-twice - twice in a week and twice in 2 years. 

Wood defends her Road Race title in Euchunga on Friday morning. If she is successful, she will be triple-road champion - a feat not achieved before.



Posn Name Club / Team Time Time Gap Speed
1 Oenone Wood Canberra Cycling Club/Nürnberger 41.18.58   (43.57km/h)
2 Sara Carrigan C.A.T.S. 0.40.64
3 Amy Gillett Norwood CC 0.59.37
4 Natalie Bates Parramatta 1.17.37
5 Kathryn Watt Blackburn Cycling Club Inc 1.17.75
6 Louise Yaxley Launceston City CC 1.51.30
7 Olivia Gollan Kooragang Open CC / Nürnberger 2.15.19
8 Candice Sullivan C.A.T.S. 2.41.48
9 Emma James Randwick Botany FRF 3.41.35
10 Claire Baxter Hawthorn Citizens Youth Club 3.42.91
11 Toireasa Gallagher Bathurst CC 3.49.26
12 Kate Nichols St George CC 4.01.56
13 Lisa Payne Cairns CC 4.36.75
14 Jessie Maclean Canberra CC 4.44.70
15 Judith May Canberra CC 4.46.98
16 Laura Bortolozzi St George CC 5.25.45
17 Genna Crean Noarlunga South Coast CC 6.26.88
18 Genevieve Warriner Melville Fremantle CC 6.37.56
19 Rachel O'Connell Peloton Sports Inc. 9.39.06
20 Sarah White Bicisport 10.08.19

Oenone Wood - at the Jayco Classic last Friday - newly crowned criterium champion - and now TT champion too - click to enlarge >>


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Oenone Wood - at the Jayco Classic last Friday - newly crowned criterium champion - and now TT champion too - click to enlarge >>
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