St Kilda Festival

Fitzroy Street, St Kilda, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Race Writeup

EarlyLine01.jpg (36618 bytes) EarlyLine02.jpg (38660 bytes) EarlyLine03.jpg (39854 bytes) EarlyLine04.jpg (38419 bytes) EarlyLine05.jpg (37416 bytes)
Early action Early action Belinda Goss leads early action Early action Early action
LowtherCorner.jpg (30158 bytes) JuddCorner.jpg (32305 bytes) BaumgartnerCorner.jpg (33509 bytes) GossCorner.jpg (35737 bytes) KahnMacPhersonCorner.jpg (34034 bytes)
Jodi Lowther Louisa Judd Kerrie Baumgartner Belinda Goss Bettina Kahn
DoppermanCorner1.jpg (30183 bytes) DoppermanCorner2.jpg (29036 bytes) Finish03.jpg (29659 bytes) Finish02.jpg (28468 bytes) Finish01.jpg (43435 bytes)
Priska Doppermann Priska Doppermann Kirsty Bortolin - 3rd Bettina Kahn - 2nd Priska Doppermann - 1st
DoppermanKahn.jpg (33667 bytes) Podium01.jpg (27300 bytes)
Doppermann & Kahn The Podium

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