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Jayco Bay Classic 2004

Port Phillip Bay Area - January

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Race 1

Day1-01-TVlap01.jpg (33058 bytes) Day1-02-TVlap02.jpg (28096 bytes) Day1-03-EarlyLap01.jpg (28361 bytes) Day1-04-EarlyLap02.jpg (29166 bytes)
TV lap Commentary for Channel 10 Early action Early action
Day1-05-EarlyLap03.jpg (31460 bytes) Day1-06-EarlyLap04.jpg (25497 bytes) Day1-07-HeadwindHill01.jpg (27371 bytes) Day1-08-HeadwindHill02.jpg (27365 bytes)
Early action The headwind straight and a long drag.... The headwind straight and a long drag.... The headwind straight and a long drag....
Day1-09-MidRace01.jpg (32245 bytes) Day1-10-MidRace02.jpg (32232 bytes) Day1-11-MidRace03.jpg (25017 bytes) Day1-12-MidRace04.jpg (27829 bytes)
Early breakaways were brought back Bunch action Treacherous corners on the rain-soaked course Mid-race bunch
Day1-13-LapOut.jpg (32757 bytes) Day1-14-BunchLateAction01.jpg (26583 bytes) Day1-15-BunchLateAction02.jpg (29342 bytes) Day1-16-Leaders3togo.jpg (34147 bytes)
Lap out for the leaders at 8 to go Late race action Late race action Leaders with 3 to go
Day1-17-BunchSprint-5th.jpg (30420 bytes) Day1-18-BunchSprint-6th-8th.jpg (33121 bytes) Day1-19-LeadersSprint.jpg (27443 bytes) Day1-20-LeadersSprint02.jpg (32267 bytes)
Sprint for 6-7-8 Sprint for 1-2-3 Up close
Day1-21-Rickards-4th.jpg (29791 bytes) Day1-22-PostRace.jpg (29534 bytes)
4th Place - Emma Rickards Post Race interview for Oenone Wood


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Race 2 - no photos - sorry


Race 3
Day3-01-TannerWarmUp.jpg (31952 bytes) Day3-02-Start01.jpg (38355 bytes) Day3-03-Start02.jpg (36938 bytes) Day3-04-Start03.jpg (32407 bytes)
Jessica Tanner's warm-up near-accident - RH pic shows the barrier 'in-flight' Start of Race 3 Rutherford in Pink - series leader The bunch heads towards turn 1
Day3-05-Rutherford.jpg (25868 bytes) Day3-06-Newstead.jpg (35769 bytes) Day3-07-MidRace.jpg (33073 bytes) Day3-08-Finigan.jpg (32968 bytes)
Rutherford (2) Newstead leads through the "top turn" "Top turn", mid-race Kate Finegan (VIC), retired for today, but happy
Day3-09-Bunch01.jpg (39952 bytes) Day3-10-Wood+Mactier.jpg (31901 bytes) Day3-11-Becker.jpg (35288 bytes) Day3-12-Leaders.jpg (33436 bytes)
Bunch on the back straight Wood and Mactier Christina Becker - German visitor Leaders head towards last 10 laps
Day3-13-Finish.jpg (29347 bytes) Day3-14-Interviews.jpg (28061 bytes) Day3-15-Finished.jpg (29728 bytes)
Williams, Wood & Rutherford finish Post race interviews in the sun today! Emma James heads back to the hotel

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Race 4
Day4-01-Warmup.jpg (28432 bytes) Day4-02-TVLap.jpg (36787 bytes) Day4-03-Start01.jpg (34828 bytes) Day4-04-Start02.jpg (37454 bytes)
Warming up on rollers at the side of the course Olivia Gollan's TV lap The bunch rolls out for the start More rollout
Day4-05-Start03.jpg (35571 bytes) Day4-06-Bay.jpg (36804 bytes) Day4-07-Bunch.jpg (39157 bytes) Day4-08-Newstead.jpg (37852 bytes)
Start line crash Beautiful course - looking over the bay The bunch - early race Newstead corners ahead of the bunch
Day4-09-Bunch01.jpg (39451 bytes) Day4-10-Bunch02.jpg (43070 bytes) Day4-11-Bunch03.jpg (25288 bytes) Day4-12-Rutherford.jpg (37007 bytes)
New South Wales corner Emma James leads Elizabeth Williams More cornering action Wood leads Rutherford
Day4-13-RutherfordMactierWood.jpg (39749 bytes) Day4-14-Hill01.jpg (24487 bytes) Day4-15-Hill02.jpg (36680 bytes) Day4-16-Hill03.jpg (37985 bytes)
Wood, Rutherford & Mactier The leaders on the hill The bunch decides to let Natalie Bates go Wood leads Rutherford (again) in the bunch
Day4-17-Hill04.jpg (29444 bytes) Day4-18-Leaders1laptogo.jpg (25943 bytes) Day4-19-RhodesSymingtonSprint.jpg (37849 bytes) Day4-20-SymingtonSprint.jpg (28891 bytes)
Leaders on the hill (2) Leaders go through with 1 to go Sprint - Rhodes and Symington Symington in full flight
Day4-21-BatesSprint.jpg (33998 bytes) Day4-22-Sprint01.jpg (32039 bytes) Day4-23-Sprint02.jpg (33014 bytes)
Bates coasts in Sprint for 7th l-r Rutherford, Wright, Wood Sprint for 7th : Wright & Wood

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Race 5
Day5-01-LeadCar.jpg (28077 bytes) Day5-02-DocklandsView.jpg (36689 bytes) Day5-03-Rutherford+ACT.jpg (33810 bytes) Day5-04-Rutherford+NSW.jpg (39449 bytes)
Baden Cooke & Bradley McGee drive the women's race Lead Car The women's race bunch on the back straight at Docklands Rutherford, marked by ACT Rutherford, marked by NSW
Day5-05-Williams.jpg (37064 bytes) Day5-06-Finegan.jpg (28869 bytes) Day5-07-BunchMidRace01.jpg (35571 bytes) Day5-08-BunchMidRace02.jpg (37318 bytes)
Liz Williams corners - she is current Aus criterium champ Kate Finegan The bunch - early race Another early view of the bunch
Day5-09-Williams+Newstead.jpg (32690 bytes) Day5-10-Ridder+Wright.jpg (32286 bytes) Day5-11-BackstraightLine.jpg (34454 bytes) Day5-12-Williams+Symington.jpg (35132 bytes)
Williams cornering again Jessica Ridder & Alison Wright Back straight action - mid race Williams and Symington 
Day5-13-BunchLateRace.jpg (32446 bytes) Day5-14-BatesSprintWinner.jpg (31800 bytes) Day5-15-Ridder.jpg (32892 bytes) Day5-16-NewsteadAttack.jpg (28067 bytes)
Bunch action late in the race - Wood and Rhodes Sprint competition winner Kate Bates at the front Jessica Ridder tries to go ahead Frances Newstead strings the bunch out 12 laps before the end
Day5-17-Bates+NSW.jpg (31516 bytes) Day5-18-Commentary.jpg (22792 bytes) Day5-19-Wright2togo.jpg (28640 bytes) Day5-20-Sprint01.jpg (27367 bytes)
Bates with the NSW team behind Matthew Keenan and Phil Liggett talked all week! (Bottom photo - Phil Anderson, former pro far right - now voice of (Aus) Channel 10) Alison Wright goes for it with 2 to go The bunch is wound up by Oenone Wood
Day5-21-Sprint02.jpg (31886 bytes) Day5-22-Sprint03.jpg (24105 bytes) Day5-23-Sprint04.jpg (36221 bytes) Day5-24-RutherfordPostRace.jpg (36638 bytes)
Wood's sprint is decisive Victory - Race 5 and 2004 Series Wright outsprints a clearly disappointed Rutherford Rutherford commiserated by G Brown -  men's elite race winner
Day5-25-WaitingForPresentation.jpg (31352 bytes) Day5-26-Interview.jpg (28828 bytes) Day5-27-Bates.jpg (34393 bytes) Day5-28-Podium01.jpg (45735 bytes)
Wood, Wright, Rutherford await the presentation Wood - another interview Kate Bates - Sprint Ace "The Podium"

(l-r) Gilmore, Bates, Wood, Wright, Rutherford

Day5-29-Podium02.jpg (30380 bytes) Day5-30-Podium03.jpg (34134 bytes)
"Any nearer with that jersey and I'll hit you with these flowers!" Bates, Wood and Wright

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