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Australian National Road Race Championships

Buninyong, nr Ballarat, Victoria, Australia

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001StartLineView.jpg (28075 bytes) 002StartBunch01.jpg (35776 bytes) 003StartBunch02.jpg (35134 bytes) 004StartBunch03.jpg (34535 bytes)
The long, wide finishing straight The bunch rolls out - Amy Safe already on the front Visitors Newstead (GBR) and Dopperman (SUI), both in blue and red Carrigan (blue shorts) in the centre
005StartBunch04.jpg (27456 bytes) 006LizYoung.jpg (26561 bytes) 007BunchLap1.jpg (28877 bytes) 008SafeLap3.jpg (44887 bytes)
The climb of Midland Highway, which leads in to Mt Bunninyong Rd. Liz Young - suffered an early 'mechanical' Alexis Rhodes leads the bunch through the end of Lap 1 Amy Safe - Lap 3
009BunchLap3.jpg (35049 bytes) 010DroppedLap3.jpg (27816 bytes) 011KatieBrown.jpg (34834 bytes) 012AudreyQuick.jpg (36729 bytes)
Chasers, Lap 3 - Mactier in the centre Riders were tested by the pace early on Katie Brown - Lap 3 Audrey Quick - Lap 3
013AmySafeLap4.jpg (36480 bytes) 014BunchLap4.jpg (33462 bytes) 015JessicaBerry.jpg (40572 bytes) 016ItHurts01.jpg (26517 bytes)
Amy Safe - Lap 4 Bunch - Lap 4 Jessica Berry It hurts....
017Steep.jpg (32900 bytes) 018SafeLap5.jpg (35503 bytes) 019ChasersLap5.jpg (30220 bytes) 020HemsleyLap5.jpg (32086 bytes)
The climb up Mt Bunninyong Rd was steep Amy Safe - Lap 5 Carrigan & Wood - Lap 5 Hemsley - Lap 5
021WattsChasersLap5.jpg (37115 bytes) 022ItHurts02.jpg (33806 bytes) 023ItHurts03.jpg (34288 bytes) 024SafeLap6.jpg (26858 bytes)
Kathy Watts, Jessica Ridder, Alison Wright & Emma James The pace split the bunch into groups Liz Williams and Liz Young Amy Safe - Lap 6
025ChasersLap6-01.jpg (38668 bytes) 026ChasersLap6-02.jpg (26344 bytes) 027ChasersLap6-03.jpg (27517 bytes) 028ChasersLap7-01.jpg (26262 bytes)
Chasers, including Wood and Mactier Wood and Gollan More chasers, Lap 6 Gollan, Rutherford, Mactier, Wood, Lap 7
029ItHurts04.jpg (34977 bytes) 030SafeLap8.jpg (26323 bytes) 031ChasersLap8.jpg (34424 bytes) 032MidmarkerLap8.jpg (25940 bytes)
It hurts... Safe looks back on Lap 8 as she turns from Midland Hwy into Mt Bunninyong Rd Rutherford, Mactier, Wood Middlemarker - Lap 8
033SafeFinalLap.jpg (31558 bytes) 034ChasersFinalLap.jpg (30715 bytes) 035Sprint.jpg (47867 bytes) 036Safe-podium.jpg (28225 bytes)
Amy Safe takes the bell Gollan, Mactier & Wood take the bell The sprint - Wood already ahead Amy Safe - Sprint Jersey winner
037Podium-Anthem01.jpg (42260 bytes) 038Podium-Anthem02.jpg (26197 bytes) 039Celebration01.jpg (28928 bytes) 040Celebration02.jpg (30395 bytes)
The Podium stands for the Anthem There were still riders finishing during the presentation Watch Out! Celebrating
  041Celebration03.jpg (38108 bytes) 042Celebration04.jpg (29223 bytes)  
  Mactier gets everyone wet! Happy  

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