Women’s Cycling Summit Conference 

Third Yoplait Women’s Cycling Summit Conference

June 2004 Agenda

The Yoplait Women’s Cycling Summit Conference, in Minneapolis on Friday, June 11, focuses on these three issues:

· team management when the budget is small,

· giving value to sponsors and

· getting media coverage for women’s cycling.

While team management is never easy, it’s particularly difficult when the budget is small. Small budget teams rarely have paid staff and often have to face difficult choices. Corners need to be cut, savings need to be found and races need to fit into shrinking budgets as teams scrimp and save to get through the season. The first session of the Yoplait Summit features a group discussion of strategies to cope with limited budgets.

The best strategy to cope with a limited budget is, of course, to get more money. The second session of the Yoplait Summit will focus on ways to give more value to your sponsors. Sponsors, particularly those making a large investment are not supporting bicycle racing for the love of the sport. They’re using bicycle racing as a marketing vehicle to promote their business interests. Teams who truly understand the marketing needs of their sponsors give them the most value and receive the most in return. Panelists for this session include:

· Chris Brandt Senior Brand Manager of Nature Valley,

· Tom Shuler of Team Sports,

· Mike Cofrin of USA Speed Skating and

· Robert Paul of Cuneo Advertising.

One of the most effective ways that a team can promote its sponsors is by getting media coverage. But there’s a lot more to getting covered than sending out a press release or just hoping. Media relations will be discussed by a panel that includes:

· Rick Fuentes of WCCO TV,

· Tim Nelson of the St. Paul Pioneer Press,

· Neal Rogers of VeloNews,

· Giana Roberge of Quark Cycling and

· Julie Swenson of Abbas Public Relations.

The Yoplait Women’s Cycling Summit Conferences began at the Great River Energy Bicycle Festival in 2003 and now take place twice annually, at the Festival in June and at the Interbike Trade Show in October. Friday’s conference will take place from noon to 3:00 pm at the Park Inn Suites, 7770 Johnson Ave, (near the intersection of Interstate 494 and France Ave. S.) Bloomington , Minnesota U.S.A. 55435 More information can be found at http://www.MinnBikeFestival.com


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