Worlds Venues - 2003 - 2007

Whenever the World Championships are held, an UCI Management Committee meeting also takes place - usually on the eve of the Championships. This occurred in Monopoli, Italy for the Worlds Cyclo Cross Championships and some of the decisions were made for 2006.

Newly awarded venue is the 2006 Track Championships to Bordeaux. 

Venues for 2003 - until 2007 are :  

Year Road Race Championships Track Championships Moutainbike Championships Cyclo Cross Championships BMX Championships
2003 Hamilton, Canada Shen Zhen, China**

Moved due to SARS breakout to Europe - Stuttgart, Germany

Lugano, Switzerland Monopoli, Italy Perth, Australia
2004 Verona, Italy Melbourne, Australia Gets, France Pont Chateau, France Valkenswaard, NL
2005 Madrid, Spain Los Angeles, USA Livigno, Italy St Wendel, Germany Paris, France
2006 Austria / Switzerland Bordeaux, France England / New Zealand Zeddam, Netherlands South Africa
2007 Stuttgart Germany  Columbia / Czech - Belgium / Switzerland -

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